How to Search Gmail using Cortana

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This tutorial explains how to search Gmail using Cortana. To do this, here I will talk about a simple Windows 10 app called, Gmail Search for Cortana. It lets you search your Gmail for emails either by voice command or the Cortana search. It allows you to look for the emails which are in your inbox and sent folders. It can fetch you the emails so that you can view them and send a reply. Actually, after you command Cortana to look for a specific email, then it opens that in the interface of the app. And from there, you can reply to the email or you can forward it to any other recipient.

As days are passing by, the skills of Cortana are also improving. And now with the help of this app, you can control your Gmail in an easy way. However, the app is still in early phase and will be refined over the time. Now, it works perfectly when it comes to fetch an email from a specific date and from a specific user. It just uses a unique keyword “Gmails” in the voice command to detect the Gmail search action and shows you the result.

How to Search Gmail using Cortana

How to Search Gmail using Cortana?

Gmail Search for Cortana is a simple app that you can use to search Gmail right from Cortana. It just asks you to log in with your Gmail account that you want to use it with. After that, you can either type the search query in the Cortana Search box or you can speak to her.

Here are the steps to search Gmail using Cortana.

Step 1: Head to the Windows Store and installĀ Gmail Search for Cortana app. After that, open it and log in with your target Gmail, account. Next, it will ask the permission to have access to your account so simply allow it.

gmail search for cortana

Step 2: To search the Gmail emails, you can use the following two syntax. You can either type these queries manually in the Cortana search box, or speak them.

"Gmails from February 12, 2018"|
"Gmails to "Laxman Singh" from last year"
"Gmails tour from last month"
"Gmails from "Laxman" with subject "test"

gmail search for cortana in action

This is how you can search Gmail using Cortana. And theĀ Gmail Search for Cortana app lets you do that easily without any problem. However, sometimes it crashes. In that case, you will have to make sure that your microphone is working correctly. Also, make sure that the speech is set to “English US”.

Final Words

Gmail Search for Cortana is simple and useful app to search your Gmail for emails. You just have to type a few commands and then you can retrieve emails in any way you want. So, if you are looking to access your Gmail using Cortana, then you can try the app mentioned above.

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