How to Extract All Links from a Webpage in a CSV File

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This tutorial explains how to extract all links from a webpage in a CSV file.

Honestly, there are many link extractor extensions and services already out there. However, such extensions open extracted links in a new tab and you need to manually save them as a text file. But there is a fantastic online tool, named Extract Links from HTML, which automatically extracts all the URLs from a webpage and creates CSV file for those URLs.

What I found more useful in that tool is that it also extracts domains related to those URLs, as well as Titles and other items (like tags, keywords, etc.) associated with those URLs. Extracted URLs, Domains, and Text are saved separately in a csv file.

URLs with domains saved in a CSV file

What you see above is the output CSV file of extracted links from the homepage of our website.

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How To Use this Tool to Automatically Extract All Links from a Webpage in a CSV File?

You need to follow these steps to perform this task:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of the tool that I have used in this tutorial.

Step 2: Now you need to copy the HTML of a particular page. It can be done by opening the Page Source of the webpage. You can right-click on the webpage and click on View Page Source option to open and copy the HTML of that webpage.

access HTML of a webpage using page source

Step 3: Paste the HTML in the box available on the homepage of Extract Links from HTML tool.

paste HTML and use Create CSV button

Step 4: Tap on Create CSV button. After this, it will generate the CSV file of that webpage in no time. When the file is downloaded to your PC, open it in MS Excel, or other CSV file viewer you are using on your PC. The CSV file contains all the URLs of that webpage, domains belongs to those URLs, and Other information neatly separated in different columns.


This is a really a brilliant tool to automatically fetch all the URLs along with their domains from a particular webpage. Whether you need to bulk fetch URLs of articles, videos, or news from a webpage, you should try this tool.

Use Extract Links from HTML tool for free.

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