4 Best Online Plant Identification Websites

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Here are the best free Online Plant Identification websites available out there. These websites let you either identify plant by picture or by entering plant details. For each query you make, you get multiple suggestions from which you can identify plant easily. These online plant identification websites let you do so by providing photo or information of plant flower, fruit, leaf, stem, color, etc.

All of these websites to identify plant online are different from each other in terms of functionality. Only one of these websites lets you identify plant by picture. Other just let you identify plant by physical properties in different ways. Let us understand each of these online tools one at a time. We’ll see in brief how to identify plant online using these websites along with their additional features.

If you would like to identify plants on the go, give these apps for Android and iOS a try.

Here Are The Best Online Plant Identification Websites:


Pl@ntNet lets you identify plant by picture online for free. It can identify a plant by its flower, leaf, stem, or fruit. All you need to do is upload the image of the plant and begin plant identification. You can upload image from your PC or simply use image URL if it is available online. After uploading photo, you will need to specify which part of plant it is. When done, click the Identify button. After that, a new page will open where you will see all the results of similar plants with their names. From here, you can identify the plant easily. Click on the plant name to read more about it in details. If you want, you can also Contribute to Pl@ntNet community by submitting the plant photo along with the identified plant.

There is an option to Explore, which lets you view plants identified by others. In the My data section of this website, you will find all the plants identified by you.

Access this website here.

Pl@netNet also has a has free app for Android and iOS. Get them here.

Wildflower Identification Tool

Wildflower Identification Tool lets you identify wildflowers based on flower’s and plant’s physical properties. You can enter the following information about the flower and plant:

  • Flower shape.
  • Size: Plant height and Flower width.
  • Flower color.
  • Flower bloom month.
  • Plant type.
  • Leaf shape.
  • Flower cluster type.

If you are not sure about any of the physical property, you can leave the field as it is. After you run the query, you will get multiple plants or just a single plant, based on your query. You can identify the plant you searched for from this list, then click on it to read more.

Access this tool here.

Identify Flowering Plants

Identify Flowering Plants is another plant identifier website exclusively for Finland. If you are from Finland or area around Finland, this website will be useful for you. It is a bit different from the above mentioned tool. It lets you identify plant based on location, flower, leaf, height, and other physical properties. There are buttons on the left panel of the website that let you set flower properties to identify.

The four options on the top let you select plant based on Time & location, Flower, Leaves, and Other features. The first option let you identify plant based on location, habitat, and time when you located it. You can do so on the map of Finland. For flowers, you can select flower color, shape, breadth, petals, position, etc. In the Leaves section, you can specify leaf shape, margin of leaf, leaves arrangement, leaf type, etc. The Other feature section lets you select plant height, select if the plant is hairy, thorny, woody, climbing, etc.

According to your input, you get a list of plants with image and names from which you can identify your plant. Clicking on a profile from this list will show you plant details with bunch of images.

Try it out here.

Identify Plant Specimens

Identify Plant Specimens is a website to identify plants of Southeastern United States. It is a pretty simple websites and lets you carry out flower identification based on Flower color, plant form, leaf type, leaf arrangement, etc. You can also add flower species name, common name, and family name to further refine your search. After the search, you get multiple results based on your input. Click on a result to view more information and pictures.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

If you want to identify a plant online by picture or physical properties, these are the best options available. Give them a try and let us know how did they work for you.

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