Know How To Identify A Plant By Photo On Phone

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Ever came across a plant or plant’s photo that you cant identify? You do not have to worry about that anymore. Let me introduce you to some amazing tools that let you identify a plant by photo using AI. You can either capture photo of a plant or simply use an existing plant photo for this. One of the apps can identify a plant by processing different parts of plants. You can use of capture photo of Leaf, Flower, Fruit, Stem, Whole Tree, etc. to identify a plant. The other instantly detects a plant by its photo, without you having to select the part of plant.

Let me introduce you to these tools that run on Android phones and iPhone’s. These apps are very simple to use, and provide additional options other than plant identification. Along with the features, we will also know How To Identify A Plant By Photo.

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Here Are The Free Apps To Identify A Plant By Photo:


PictureThis is a free photo identifier app for Android and iOS. It is an instant plant identification tool and is perfect for plant identification via flowers. You can instantly take photo of a flower/plant or load one from your phone. As soon as you click a photo, this app will try to identify the plant. As result, this app shows multiple photos of matching plants along with name. You can confirm your selection and even read the description of plants that show up in the result.

In the description of the plant you can view its name, genus, family, and plant type. If you want, you can also write a comment for a plant.

There is an option for you to share the plant identified by you with others. You can do that via social media websites or chat apps.

The button on the homepage at the top right corner lets you view an amazing gallery of plant wallpapers. You can download one and make it your wallpaper for free.

If you want to explore the observations made by other users, there is an observation page for the same. Here, you will find all the plant observations made along with photo, plant name, description, comment, etc.

Get PictureThis for Andoid here.

Get PictureThis for iOS here.


Pl@ntNet is another app to identify a plant by photo. This app is also available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a bit feature rich than PictureThis and works the same way. You can shoot the photo of a plant or upload a photo from your cellular device.


After clicking photo or loading a photo from your phone, this app involves some extra steps. This is the step where you will know how feature rich it is from the above mentioned app. Here, you can click and load almost any part of a plant, including flower, fruit, leaf, steam, etc. After loading photo, you will have to select which part of plant you have loaded to identify plant. It then processes your picture and shows how multiple matching results.

Confirm the plant from the result that matches the plant you want to identify. After that, your picture and selection will be submitted to Pl@ntNet for community purpose, so that it can be easier for others to identify plants on phone.

Just like PictureThis, there is a community feed that shows updated plants identified by other users along with pictures. If you want, you can create your profile and start submitting the plants identified by you under your name.

Get Pl@ntNet for Android here.

Get Pl@ntNet for iOS here.

Closing Words

These were some of the best options to identify a plant by photo using mobile devices. These apps are best for nature lovers and people who have to identify plants on regular basis.

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