What Is My EQ? 5 Best Online Emotional Intelligence Test To Check Your EQ

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Ever wanted to check your EQ? EQ, is known as Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. There are various online emotional intelligence test websites out there which will tell your EQ score. For this, these tests put you through several questions. According to your answers, you get your EQ score.

Let us check out some of the best emotional intelligence test websites available on the internet. We will discuss what kind of questions these tests ask, how many questions they ask, and what kind of result they provide once you complete test.

Here are some Online IQ Test Websites that you cannot miss.

Here Are The Best Online Emotional Intelligence Test Websites:

EQ Test (Emotional Intelligence Test)

EQ Test (Emotional Intelligence Test) is a short but engaging online test. It puts you through 10 questions which are based on several imaginary situations. To all these questions, you get multiple options. Select the option for which you would go in real life. After completion of test, you get an EQ score out of 200 points. You can share you score with friends on Facebook if you want.

Give this online emotional quotient test a try here.

The GEIT – Free Emotional Intelligence Test

The GEIT – Free Emotional Intelligence Test from GlobalLeadershipFoundation is an extensive EQ test with 40 questions. For each question, you get 2 options to select from. Select the most appropriate answer that will apply to you. Based on your responses you get result in 4 parts. Unlike the above test, separate scores are provided for Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, and Relationship Management. When you scroll down, you will get description for each of these EI Quadrants.

Give it a try here.

Test Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Test Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with this online EQ test from Institute for Health and Human Potential. This test has 20 questions altogether, out of which 12 are there to test your EQ. The test asks about your info, such as name, work, company, etc. Remember, you will need to provide your email ID to complete this test. Once you submit this online Emotional Intelligence test, you get the result. The result is not a score; it just tells if your EQ is excellent, good, bad, average, etc.

You can check it out here.

Emotional Intelligence Test (Psychology Today)

Emotional Intelligence Test is a quite a long EI test from Psychology Today. There are 146 questions for you to answer. To answer these questions, you get a scale from 1 to 5. You can agree or disagree to a question depending upon if its true or not for you. When you complete the test, you get a score and also some advises. You can get full report as well, but it is a paid service.

You can give it a try here.

EQ Test, “Emotional Intelligence” Test Online Free

EQ Test, “Emotional Intelligence” Test Online Free is a 10 questions long EQ test, which you can take in a span of 30 minutes. These questions put you through several situations, somewhat similar to the first test in this list. You need to select the option which you will opt in real life. To view the test result, you will have to enter your name and email ID. You get your EQ score out of 200 points. You can share this score on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.

Try it out here.

Wrapping Up

You can try these online EQ test websites to know you EQ score. If you are not satisfied with a test, try multiple of these tests.

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