5 Free Online IQ Test Websites

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Here are 5 free online IQ test websites for those who always like to challenge their smartness and intelligence. These websites let you test intelligence by asking you some brainstorming questions. Once you are finished with your IQ test, it will also show you results and will also display some comments related to your IQ test results. Lets get into details of each IQ test website.


IQTEST is one of the most popular website that lets you test your mental ability related to others of approximately the same age. This free website to test IQ enables you take brainstorming questions that are most scientifically valid questions available over the Internet.


Apart from measuring general IQ level, this free online IQ test can assess your performance in 13 different areas of intelligence, disclosing your cognizant strengths and weaknesses.

Before starting the actual test, you will come across some basic instructions regarding test. Also, the website first gives you a sample test of 3 questions to make you familiar with the type of questions that will appear in the test. Once you have taken a sample test, it will ask you “Are you ready to take the real test now?”, if you are then click on “Click Here” link given. Yup..start testing mental ability. You will come across around 35-40 questions.

Answers will be based on True/False, you do not need to come up with some particular answer, you just need to figure out either the statement is True or False. In order to get your results, you need to submit your email id, age once you are completed with the questions. You will get your results through an email. Go ahead and test your mental ability. All the very best!

Intelligence Test

Intelligence Test is yet another online service to test IQ level. This free online IQ test evaluates your IQ level by measuring nine different mental abilities. This is a very short and quick IQ test that does not take much of your time.


Before you start attempting a real test, the website gives you sample questions on different topics where you can get familiar with the type of questions asked in real test. The practice questions have been categorized into different topics such as Verbal, Mathematical, Spatial, Visualization, Classification, Logic, and Pattern Recognition. However, real test will come up with a mixture of all such topics.

Apart from determining the general IQ level, this free online IQ test also evaluates score for each subtest such as mathematical IQ, general knowledge, short time memory, pattern recognition, and many more. The results will have 25 pages including main results, graphical analysis, information and career advice. Go ahead, test your ability, and decide your career..!

Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test is another excellent online IQ test for free which gives approximately accurate results. This free online IQ test service comes up with history and other basic information of Intelligence Quotient. In addition, this free IQ test service also comes up with approximate IQs of some of the greatest geniuses such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Charles Darwin and many more.


In order to start with the test, you need to submit your birth date and gender and it will instantly start-up with your test. The results will be calculated in terms of numbers. You can relate you mental ability with the help of IQ Test Score Guide given at the homepage of the website.

In short, Free IQ Test is a nice service to test mental ability with accurate results. Go ahead and challenge other great geniuses..Good Luck..!

IQ Exam

IQ Exam is a popular service to test IQ level. This online IQ test gives you an accurate score based on various brainstorming questions. The questions include many topics related to all subjects such as mathematics, verbal and many more. In order to start the test, you just need to logon to the website and click on “Begin the Test”.  The online quiz contains 32 brainstorming questions wherein you will get 60 seconds for each question to answer. You are not required to use pen and paper, calculator or any other such device.


In order to get your score, you need to submit your required credentials, once you are completed with the test. IQ Exam conduct free quality and accurate online IQ test for free and you get a certificate with your real IQ score developed by Virginia tech experts Go ahead and give your mental ability a shot..!

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IQ Test For Free

Ending my short post with a fast yet accurate service to test IQ level, IQtestforfree. This free IQ test consists of mere 9 questions that must be answered within 5 minutes. Most of the questions in this IQ test comes up with multiple choice, however, there are few which are open-ended and require to input a textual or numeric value.


A 300 seconds timer is also there which will start as soon as you click on “Begin Test”. Unlike other IQ tests, this one allows you to use written notes for computational purposes. Once you have finished the test, click on “Submit IQ Test” button to get the results. Although most of the people are able to complete the test in 5 minutes, however, if anyone has not been able to complete the test and the timer has reached 0 seconds, points will be deducted from your score. Hence try to complete the test in 5 minutes. Go ahead and challenge your mental level against time..Good Luck!

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