5 Free Websites To Learn Nursery Rhymes Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn nursery rhymes online. The websites have some interesting and engrossing ways to help kids learn the rhymes.

Rhymes are meant to be the stepping stone in the field of education for small kids sitting in their classrooms. Learning rhymes is both interesting and helpful. But sometimes, the old method of teaching these rhymes to kids with the help of books and gestures can be a little boring. However, this method has been followed over the years, and it cannot be said that it has failed. When we were in that age, this was the only way to learn. But now, with so many things changing around the world, tweaking this method a bit will not be harmful. After all, most of the things can now be found on the Internet, and children seem to love this invention. Thus, I have compiled a list of 5 such website that help you to learn nursery rhymes online with some innovative ways. Another benefit is that you get to learn a lot more rhymes than you do in classrooms.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are enchanted learning, BusSongs, Super Simple Learning, Classic Rocks, and Mother Goose. 

enchanted learning:

learn nursery rhymes online

The first website to learn nursery rhymes online is enchanted learning. This website is an absolute paradise for kids. I have reviewed it in a couple of articles before as well as there are lots of things for kids to learn here. The website does not disappoint on this front as well. There are lots of rhymes to learn from. All you have to do is select one from the list and start reading. Sounds boring? Don’t worry, the website makes sure that does not happen. While you are learning these rhymes, you can also fill in colors in the picture provided alongside. These pictures depict a scene from the poem you are learning. It helps you in visualizing a rhyme, hence consuming all your attention. Try it out for yourself.


learn nursery rhymes online

BusSongs is the next website in this list to learn nursery rhymes online. This is a very beautiful looking website with a rich quantity of rhymes to learn. The link above will directly take you to the page where you will find a list of rhymes. You can also search for any particular rhyme you would like to learn.

Learning rhymes on this website is very interesting. Not only can you read the words, but also listen to them , or watch a video. There is an audio file and a video attached with every rhyme. So, you are provided with all three possible options to learn a rhyme. Just to add more fun to this learning process, there are alternate versions as well for every poem. These alternate versions are meant only for fun reading and are created by the website.

Super Simple Learning:

learn nursery rhymes online

Super Simple Learning is another fitting website to learn nursery rhymes online. There are both videos and written lyrics available to learn the rhymes. You can select any particular rhyme from the available options, or simply search for one by entering its name in the relevant column given on top right. The rhymes are divided into different categories and you can go through all of them. With every rhyme, you will find a detailed explanation that mentions the classroom benefits of learning it & ideas behind that rhyme.

Classic Rocks:

Classic Rocks

Moving ahead, Classic rock is yet another helpful platform to find lots of nursery rhymes and learn them online. There are over 130 traditional nursery rhymes available in English to learn. There are some other songs as well, which you will find alongside these rhymes.

To learn the nursery rhymes on this website, simply click on the nursery rhyme option given on the home page. You will be taken to another page where you can scroll down the list of rhymes and find the one you are looking for. There are some video and audio rhymes as well that you can listen to.

Mother Goose:

learn nursery rhymes online

Mother Goose is the fifth and final website in this list where you can learn nursery rhymes online. In the Rhymes tab on this website, there are lots and lots of rhymes waiting to be learnt. These rhymes have been divided into separate categories according to the alphabets. For every alphabet there are at least 5 to 6 rhymes available. You can read and learn all these rhymes one by one.

Mother Goose can be considered as a decent website for the large quantity of rhymes that it provides. But apart from that, there are no features or options available to help kids learn these rhymes. Just read them and remember. Hope some videos or activities are added soon to make things more interesting.

So, try out all these websites and learn some new rhymes that are hard to find in books. Do let us know what you feel about them through comments.

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