5 Free Prisma Alternative Software for Windows to Turn Photos into Art

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This is a list of 5 free Prisma alternative software for Windows to turn photos into artwork. Using these software, you can apply various artistic filters to your boring photos and turn them into stunning artwork. You can simply import a photo from your PC and then use any of these software to apply artistic filters to the photo. Some of these software also allow you to adjust the skin tone, saturation, line, hue, brightness, contrast, and more to make the resulting artwork more impressive.

If you love turning photos into artwork, then you must love the Prisma app. However, it doesn’t offer any desktop client and only works on Android and iPhone. But, what if you want to turn your photos into artwork while working on PC? Well, then using some of the Prisma alternative software for Windows is probably the best option for you to do the same. To ease up things for you, I have listed 5 of the best Prisma alternatives using which you can convert your photos into beautiful artwork right on your PC.

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So, let us get started with Prisma alternatives for Windows.


NeuralStyler is definitely one of the best free Prisma alternative software for PC which can help you turn photos into artwork. It lets you apply various art filters to your photos to turn them into stunning artwork. Currently, NeuralStyler offers 10 different art filters named, Candy, Ceremony, Cubist, Edtaonisl, Es_Brital, Hokusai, Kanagawa, Kandinsky, Seurat, and Starrynight. Similar to the art filters offered by Prisma, these art filters are also pretty impressive. Now, to convert your photos into art, you can simply import a photo to this software, choose any filter you like, and then select the resolution for the resulting image.

Once you do that, simply hit “Create Artistic Style” button to apply the art filter to the photo and convert it into a beautiful artwork. After it generates the resulting artwork, you can change the style strength to modify the filter density. One of the unique features of NeuralStyler is that apart from turning your photos into artwork, it also lets you apply art filters to your videos and GIFs. It imprints a small watermark at the bottom of the resulting photo.

If you would like to know more about NeuralStyler, then read our full review from here.


FotoSketcher is another amazing Prisma alternative which can assist you to automatically convert your photos into artwork. It offers more than 25 artistic filters which you can add to your photos in order to convert them into great looking artwork. All the artistic filters are categorized into pencil sketches, pen & ink sketches, paintings, and more. Each category offers different artistic filters from which you can select your favorite one and apply it to your photo. To convert a photo into artwork, you can simply import a photo and then click the “Drawing Parameters” option. After that, you will be able to select a filter and also configure the edge intensity, blend intensity, color intensity, and more.

When you’re all set with selecting the filter and filter settings, click the “Draw” option and your photo will be instantly converted into an artwork. If you think that the filter is light on some parts of the photo, then you can also use the manual brush to modify the filter over the photo. Not only that, it also lets you adjust luminosity, contrast, saturation, blur/sharpen, and simplification of the resulting photo.

You can read more about FotoSketcher from here.


PicsArt is actually a Windows 10 all-in-one photo editing app with additional collage maker and drawing tool. The photo editor is full of useful tools using which you can add stickers, masks, tilt-shift, frames, and more to your photos. But, apart from being a hardcore photo editor app it also offers some stunning artistic filters which make it a decent alternative to Prisma. There are 20+ artistic filters such as Pencil, Sketcher, Pastel, Cartoonizer, Old Paper, Emboss, Contours, etc. You can simply import your photos and apply these artistic filters to turn them into amazing artwork. It lets you import photos from your PC, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, and OneDrive.

In addition to that, it also lets you adjust the Lines, Brightness, Contrast, and Fade for each filter such that you can get the resulting photo as you desire. Apart from that, it also lets you make your artwork more impressive by applying different skin tone like Multiple, Darken, Lighten, Overlay, Color Burn, Soft Light, Dissolve, Exclusion, and more. You can even use the eraser to remove the artistic effect from a specific part of the photo if required.

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Painnt is also a Windows 10 app which can be used to create mind blowing artwork from your photos. It comes with more than 120 art filters scattered across different categories like New, Classic, Material, Modern, Mosaic, Sketch, etc. Some of my favorite art filters are Starry Night, Blue Mosaic, Bubbly, Plume, Mercury, Felt, Darkness, and more. You can add all these art filters to your photos and then turn them into outstanding artwork. To start turning your photos into artwork, you can import a photo from your PC, Facebook, or Instagram. Once you do that, select any art filter you want and this app will apply it to the photo instantly.

Apart from that, it also offers various customization option using which you can change the transparency, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the resulting artwork. You can also change the color composition, adjust noise reduction, sharpness, brush intensity, and more. The free version of Painnt imprints a small watermark at the bottom of the image and also restricts the image quality to Medium and HD.

Photo to Sketch:

Photo to Sketch is also a simple Prisma alternative software using which you can apply art filters to your photos and make them look like a great piece of artwork. It offers only three artistic effects named, Pen, Pencil, and Pastel. You can simply import a photo from your PC and then apply any of these effects to convert the photo into artwork. It only supports JPG, JPEG, and BMP files. Apart from applying the artistic effects, it also lets you adjust the “Precision” and “Line” of the selected effect as per your requirement.

One of the best features of this software is that it lets you apply texture over the photos. You can either choose among 9 predefined textures or add your own photos as textures. The main purpose of this software is to turn photos into simple artistic sketches and doesn’t offers many art filters in comparison to other Prisma alternatives in this post.

If you want then you can also look at other Photo to Sketch software for Windows from here.

My Final Verdict:

If you want to turn your photos into beautiful looking artwork on PC, then these Prisma alternatives for Windows can help you with that. Personally, I like NeuralStyler as apart from letting you turn your photos into artwork, it also allows you to apply the artistic filters to videos and GIFs. In terms of art filters, “Painnt” is no doubt the best as it offers more than 120 filters for you to use.

Try these Prisma alternatives on your PC and let us know which one you find the best in the comments.

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