5 Free Websites To Barter Goods Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to barter goods online. Barter, as we all know, is an ancient system where you can exchange a good with someone, in return for what you want. The system has been in place long before currency was introduced. But, it remains a valid and useful system even in today’s world. We like to barter our stuff in exchange for some antiques, books that might interest us, or anything. These website let you find stuff that might be unavailable or expensive in the market and barter it for something you are willing to give up. Let us see how these websites work.

The 5 websites to barter goods online are Freecycle, Swap Treasures, Swap.com, U-Exchange, and Swapstyle.


Freecycle-barter goods online-barter list

The website to barter goods online is Freecycle. The website is run with philanthropic intentions and does not charge anything except for the transfer charges that take place between two customers. You can create a free account to begin using this website. There are different groups, divided according to areas, that you can join. The group members keep posting ads about products that they want to sell and buy, along with their complete details. You can view these products and barter your goods if you are interested. You can also post your own products that you wish to buy or sell, through the “My Posts” tab. Yes, it’s this simple to use!

Try Freecycle from here.

Swap Treasures:

Swap Treasures

Next website to barter goods online is Swap Treasures. The website deals in all the household products and you can barter goods easily by creating an account. There is no registration fees and you only have to pay shipping charges to ship your product. The website has a points system that it works on. For every product you offer to sell, a minimum price or points for it can be set by you. When somebody in need of that product buys it, those many points are credited in your account. You can then go ahead and buy the product you want from those points. The products and offers are posted on the home page of the website.

Try Swap Treasures from here.



Third website in the queue to barter goods online is Swap.com. This is quite a popular website that has a very large customer base. It is completely free and has a very simple framework. You have to start by listing all the products that you want, after creating an account, and the products that you want to sell. Based on the products that you list, you are introduced to customers who are looking for the same products. You can then have bilateral deals with those customers and barter your goods.

Try Swap.com from here.



The fourth website to barter goods online is U-Exchange. This is also a very easy to use website with lots of online customers. You can upload all the products that you wish to sell & buy and they will be displayed on the website. The interested customers will get in touch with you and you can deal among each other. Apart from bartering goods, the website also lets you barter in services. You can barter your services in exchange for something that you want. The final deal, obviously, depends on the agreement of two parties.

Try U-Exchange from here.



Swapstyle is the final website in this list to barter goods online. This website lets you barter all your second-hand apparel, cosmetics, accessories in exchange for some other apparel you might want for yourself. Our taste for clothes keeps changing from time to time and this website gives you the luxury to keep changing your wardrobe. You can put up your second-hand clothes on sale, with a complete description of their condition, and barter them with other users of the website. The only charges that you have to pay is for shipping.

Try Swapstyle from here.

So, try out all these websites and barter all your unwanted stuff for something useful and productive, without paying anything.

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