5 Best Free Calendar Apps For Android

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Here, are 5 best free Calendar apps for Android. Google Play Store has multiple calendar apps which you can install and manage your events with ease on Android.

We will discuss about Business Calendar app which helps you keeping track of all your business activities and schedules, Hindu Calendar for Hindus, WomanLog Calendar for Women, and more.

In Hindu Calendar app, you can set the widget of calendar on Android home screen. So, if you don’t know how to set widget on Android hone screen, then here is the tutorial for the same.

Business Calendar Free:

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is a free Android calendar app to enable a smart business calendar on Android. This calendar app is specially for businessman who have the habit forgetting the upcoming schedules or the current day schedule. The calendar app provides a calendar for full year on Android phone. You can easily add events to each date in a month and the app will remind you about the events on daily basis. Adding events include adding title of the event, date and time of the event, setting up reminder and more.  You can also check the calendar on daily basis. By checking the calendar, you can know about activities to do in a day. Apart from all this, this free calendar app provides other settings which makes your calendar look more beautiful and useful according to your requirements.

Jorte Calendar:

Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar is a free Android calendar app to schedule events on Android. This Android calendar app is specially designed to schedule events which looks as if you are using real paper organizer to do it. For scheduling events, you need to long press on one of the date on the calendar on which you want to schedule the event. Now enter the details of the event and you are done with. The calendar will show the event on the date selected and marked with a unique color. You can even check the calendar in different view which you feel comfortable. Tap on the event to check the details of the event created in jorte Calendar app.

WomanLog Calendar:

WomanLog Calendar

WomanLog  Calendar is a free Android woman calendar app for women. This Android calendar app is to keep a track of menstrual and fertility for women. You just need to enter the average cycle length and average menstrual length. On the basis of your information, the app automatically calculates and keeps a track of your menstrual and fertility. Tap on the start date and the app will mark the next coming days according to the menstrual length entered in the app. Now, on each day add BMT, symptoms, pill, weight, mood, and sex. With this, you can easily save and then track the data in future, if you require it. You can even check graphical presentation of the start date and end date of menstrual and fertility.

Keeping a track of all the dates of their menstrual period, help women to calculate her fertility dates, calculate her ovulation and keep a track of all her monthly periods to know her body better.

Touch Calendar:

Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar is a free calendar app for Android which works with Google map. This calendar app works same as Jorte Calendar app which we have discussed above. You can schedule events against which the app gives you reminder. To add an event, you need to log press on the date and add event details. While checking the details of the event scheduled, you will see the location marked in the form of a hyperlink. On tapping on the hyperlink or name of the location, the app diverts you to Google Map showing the location in the map. This is one of the unique part of Touch Calendar app. Also, you can double tap or pinch to zoom the calendar.

Hindu Calendar:

Hindu Calendar

Hindu Calendae app is a free Android calendar app for Hindus. It is based on Hindu Calendar (Wikipedia link). You can check phase of the moon for each day in the month, view panchang i.e., Tithi, check upcoming festivals of the year which are being celebrated by Hindus. You can view all this according to the type of year which includes Vikram Samvat and Saka. Also, you can view Hindu calendar according to the month type i.e., Amavasyant and Purnimant. Apart from all these you can also set 3 widgets showing the moon phase and lunar date.

You can also check out Android Wall Calendar Widget app reviewed by us.

So, these were some of the best free calendar apps for Android that we came across. Let us know in comments if you have some other favorite calendar app.

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