iPhone 4S Screen App: Convert Android Into iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Screen is a free Android app to convert Android screen into iPhone 4S Screen. This iPhone 4S screen app is a nice app in Android Market to make your Android screen look same as of iPhone 4S.

After launching the app on your Android, you will feel as you really have an iPhone with you. The main menu icon of Android looks same as the icons of real iPhone 4S. Also, the dragging of main menu icons is same as of iPhone 4S. After applying the app, it is very difficult to identify that you are using an Android phone or a real iPhone.

The only thing which I didn’t like about the app is it’s exit option. The app disables automatically as soon as you tap on back or menu button. Apart from this, iPhone 4S screen app is an excellent app to make you friends and other fool that you have a iPhone.

iPhone 4S Screen

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Some Key Features Of iPhone 4S Screen App:

  • The app converts your Android screen into iPhone 4S screen.
  • The interface of the app looks same as of real iPhone 4S.
    iPhone 4S Screen App
  • The app converts all other app icons too into iPhone icon look.
  • The app disables the notification bar which comes on all Android devices.
  • The resolution of the iPhone 4S interface looks 3D on Android.
  • Even the status bar of the app looks same as of real iPhone.
    iPhone 4S Screen App Status Bar
  • No extra settings required before launching the app.

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How To Install iPhone 4S Screen App On Android:

  • Login – Android Market.
  • Search – iPhone 4S Screen app.
  • If you have a Barcode Scanner app – Scan the QR Code.
    iPhone 4S Screen App QR Code
  • Install – Tap on install option.

The free iPhone 4S Screen app will be automatically installed. Click here to download iPhone 4S screen app from Android Market. Just make your friends and others fool by telling them that you purchased a very new iPhone 4S.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free