Free Multiplayer 3D Chess Game App For Windows 8

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3D Chess Game is a free multiplayer chess game for Windows 8. This game provides many different modes to play: HUMAN VS AI, HUMAN VS HUMAN, AND AI VS AI. You can play against computer in HUMAN VS AI mode or with your friend in HUMAN VS HUMAN (on the same PC). If you want to learn how to play chess efficiently then you can go for AI VS AI mode, in which you can watch computer playing with itself (pretty fun to watch). You can learn some tricky moves used by computer through this mode.

If you are playing against the computer, then it provides 25 unlocked levels; or you can compete against your friend. If you don’t want to waste hours in playing chess, then you can set time for playing as well. You can even save your ongoing game in your Windows 8 PC so that you can continue where you left off.

3D chess game - Interface

3D Chess Game has great 3D graphics and sound effects as well. You can rotate your chess board and you can zoom it for a closer view.

This game lets you change the color of the chess pieces from available options. You can change the color of your pieces as well as of your opponent’s.

Gameplay of 3D Chess Game for Windows 8:

3D Chess Game is a challenging and tricky game.  In this game, you are provided three different modes to choose from: HUMAN VS AI, HUMAN VS HUMAN, AND AI VS AI. In Human VS AI, you play against the computer while in Human VS Human you can play against your friend, but on the same PC.

Both the players are alternatively given chance to move their pieces. The pieces can be moved easily by clicking on the piece and then on the position where you want to move.

3D chess game - Chessboard

If you are not that good in playing chess, then you can watch AI VS AI mode. In this mode, computer plays against computer. You can learn different tricks of computer and then can use it against your friend.

To rotate your board, click and hold the board and move mouse to rotate. To zoom the board, use the scroller of your mouse or click on View option.

Use your skills, play against your computer or friend, and enjoy the game.

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Different options available with Windows 8 3D Chess Game:

You can get free 3D Chess Game app from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will find a chess board. On the top of the screen you will find different options: Menu, Reset, Load, Save, and Edit.

3D chess game - Chessboard with Menu

The very first thing that you need to do is to set the mode of the game. To set, click on Menu option. If you want to play against your friend, then choose Human in both the provided circles (as shown in below screenshot). You can choose any color for your as well as your opponent’s pieces from provided options.

3D chess game - Menu Option

If you want to play against the computer, then choose AI in one circle while Human in other. If you are playing against the computer then you will get 25 unlocked levels to choose from. Choose any one level as per your choice. As the level of the game increases, so does the challenge of the game (the computer keeps becoming smarter).

To start a game, click on Reset button. You and your opponent will alternatively get chance to move pieces.

One important and unique feature of this game app is that it provides AI VS AI mode. In this mode, you can see a computer playing against computer. What you need to do is just press Resume and Stop button available at the bottom of the screen. You can alternatively see the moves and tricks of computer and then can use those tricks in your game.

3D chess game - AI vs AI

The additional features of the game are Save, Undo, Time and Edit.

  • Save option lets you save the game in your Windows 8 PC. The file is saved in .cmp format. To load your saved game, click on load option and then select the file where you have saved your game.
  • Undo  option lets you undo your as well as your opponent’s moves. You can undo as many moves as you want.
  • Edit option lets you edit the board as per your choice. You can place any piece anywhere over the board or outside the board.
  • Time option lets you set a finite time to play the game. The time is allotted to both the players. The one who will capture higher values of pieces in the allotted time, wins the game.


3D Chess Game a chess game for Windows 8 with a 360-degree rotating board. This is the best chess game app, I have ever played. The different options like save, undo, edit makes the game more interesting. The crown jewel of this app is its three different modes. If you like playing chess then you will definitely enjoy this game app.

Get 3D Chess Game app here.

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