Key Counter: Keep Track of When you were Active on PC

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Key Counter is a simple way to track time you were active on your PC by recording when you press any key, or move mouse. Just install this software and see the results.

You can then see in a timeline format during which time you pressed keys, and during which time you were not typing anything.

How Key Counter Works:

Let us see how key counter works and what it does.

  • Key Counter is an easy way to fill your timesheet as it will show time of first and last keystroke that you pressed on any day.
  • It shows a bar graphical form of the number of times you pressed the keys.
  • It tracks the number of times you used your keyboard and number of clicks on your mouse per minute also.
  • It also tracks when you move your mouse also.
  • The graph clearly shows when you were not using the keyboard also.
  • Install the software and activate it. It stays in your system tray.

  • When you double click on the icon, it will show you a graph of the present day.
  • The graph is represented in terms of number of clicks to time in hours.
  • Right click on the icon, then you can see the options of history, today, and exit.
  •  If you click on history then you can see a window as shown in below screenshot.

  • In this window you can see, data of various days; after you have installed the software.
  • Click on the days to see the graphical representation.
  • If you choose today it will show you a simple graph of today’s activity.
  • Click exit to exit the software.

KeyCounter is quite simplistic in nature. With this software you can track when is the computer used and when the computer is in idle state. For more advanced time tracking, you can use tools like employee time tracking, and personal activity monitor.

Download KeyCounter free.

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