Portable SHA1, MD2, MD5 Hash Generator To Calculate Hash Value of Files

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Digital-Fever Hash Computer (also known as HashComputer) is a portable SHA1, MD2, and MD5 hash generator that helps to calculate hash value of files and custom text. These hashes are used to verify data integrity. As each file or text has its own unique hash value, so you can use this tool to generate and calculate hashes of two different files to check their integrity.

It provides a very simple interface where you can compute hash of a text or a file, like visible in screenshot below.

Digital-Fever Hash Computer- md5 hash generator

It’s a useful hash generator tool but comparison of two different files hashes is not possible with this tool. So you have to compare generated hashes manually. Many other hash calculators, like this and this, provide hash comparison feature.

Some Features Present In This MD5 Hash Generator:

  • A handy hash generator tool that can quickly generate MD5, SHA1, and MD2 hash value of a file.
  • It can also generate hash value of any custom text, entered by you. It is a good feature if you want to check whether this tool works properly or not.

    hash value of text

  • Any file type is supported with this tool. Good to use for large files as it generates hash in matter of seconds.
  • Very lightweight tool, only 82 KB in size.
  • Portable software which can even run from a flash drive. Java runtime environment is required to run it successfully.

How To Use This Portable MD5 Hash Generator Tool?

To get its executable file, you need to download the zip archive of this tool which will be downloaded with the help of an installer. Its download link is available at the end. Installer is ad-supported. You need to use Custom Installation mode and Decline button to skip third-party tools.

installation process

After downloading the zip archive, extract it into a folder, and run the executable file of this hash generator tool.

On its interface, two hash generating modes are available: text mode or file mode. Text mode will help you to generate any custom text’s hash. File mode will let you compute hash value of any file available on your PC. To generate hash value of a file, first select the hash type (MD5, SHA1, or MD2) and enable File mode. Now you can use Browse button to add file from PC. You can also paste source path of file in required field.

generate hash value of file

After this, click on Compute button and it will show you hash value shortly. In the same way, you can get hash value of another file and can manually compare the hashes.


Digital-Fever Hash Computer is a nice tool to generate most commonly used and popular MD5 hash (including SHA1 and MD2) of text and files. Still there are some valuable features missing that would have made it more meaningful, like ability to calculate multiple files hash simultaneously and compare hashes on its interface.

Get Digital-Fever Hash Computer.

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