Lock Screen With Facial Recognition When You Are Away: BananaScreen

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BananaScreen is a free software that lets you lock screen with facial recognition, so that nobody would peep into your screen when you are away. It uses your face, as a password to lock/unlock your desktop screen. The screen would be locked once the period of inactivity elapsed that you have set. It can then be opened only after the program recognizes your face; anybody else trying to unhide your screen contents won’t be able to do so, since the program won’t match his/her face with the registered face, thereby keeping the lock on.

Earlier we had covered a software called Luxand Blink, which had the same functionality. But after some time it became paid. BananaScreen is a very good, free alternative to Luxand Blind (suggested by one of our readers as well). Not just it offers an intelligent way to lock screen when you are away, but also provide a substitute in case it fails or takes time to recognize your face (though that would be a rare case), or the webcam becomes dysfunctional somehow. And that is to use your Windows user password.

Lock Screen with BananaScreen - Locked Screen

BananaScreen is available as a complete freeware and can be grabbed using the link given at the end. The download would open up a Softonic mirror that would further download and install the software (Don’t forget to disapprove installation of the bundled adware). Let’s see how you can use this amazing freeware on your Windows PC.

Lock Screen With Facial Recognition using BananeScreen:

Using BananaScreen is not at all difficult. Obviously you need to have a webcam connected to use the software. The very first time you launch the software, you would be asked to create your face model. A face model is nothing but a series of continuous snapshots covering different facial expressions of yours. You can create a model and enroll yourself with the software using your Windows password, which also acts as an alternative to unlock BananaScreen.

Lock Screen with BananaScreen - Creating Face Model

Once this is done, you can proceed with setting your preferences for delay in inactivity to lock screen, and delay in activity before disabling the camera on lock screen. When the camera is disabled, face won’t be captured.

Lock Screen with BananaScreen - Setting Inactivity Delay

After setting up everything, you can sit back and relax, or continue with your work. BananaScreen will keep running in your system tray (even after you restart your system), monitoring the period of inactivity, and automatically locking screen when it won’t find you near the computer.

Once the screen is locked, you can unlock it either by coming near the webcam and let BananaScreen detect and match your face, or by entering your Windows password if you are in a hurry.

Note: BananaScreen would lock just the desktop screen of your system. It won’t replace the standard Windows password login. If you want to bypass the traditional way of Login to Windows with facial recognition, you might use Rohos Face Logon.

Key Features of BananaScreen:

  • Free software to lock screen in your absence.
  • Uses facial recognition method to lock screen.
  • Provides an alternative to use Windows password to unlock screen.
  • Automatically runs on Windows login.
  • System tray integration.
  • Simple settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight (around 1.8 MB).

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The Final Verdict:

BananaScreen is a very good screen locking software for Windows users. It runs without any problem and properly does its work. A good way to lock PC screen with facial recognition. Try and drop your feedback in comments.

Get BananScreen here!

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