How To Video Chat Using Firefox?

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This article explains how to video chat using Firefox. Computing technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, and this advancement has made a lot of things extremely easy for us. A perfect example is the way we communicate with others. There’s email, instant messaging, and a whole lot of ways to stay in touch. And all it takes is a click or two. However, the most popular of these is video chat, as it lets you see and talk to anyone in real-time, directly from your computer.

Now, there are a bunch of software programs (e.g. Skype) and web based applications (e.g. Hangouts) that you can use for video chats. But what if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating accounts and installing programs?

Ain’t a problem, as you can do just that with Firefox Hello, a service that lets you video chat with anyone directly from your browser. Can’t wait to find out more? Head past the break to see how to video chat using Firefox.

firefox hello

How To Video Chat Using Firefox?

Firefox Hello is a simple and extremely quick way of video chatting with anyone. Although you do need to have Mozilla Firefox (hence the name) to initiate the video conversation, you can join a chat using any browser that supports WebRTC standard (Chrome, Firefox & Opera). And it’s easy as pie. Let’s find out how it’s done:

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox from its homepage and run it. Now, hit on the Firefox Hello icon in the toolbar, and click the “Start a conversation” button. Once you do that, a small window will pop-up in the bottom right corner of the browser, and Firefox Hello will automatically detect your webcam and microphone (after you’ve allowed access to the same). Give your conversation a name, and email the chat invite link to the person with whom you want to have video chat (You can copy the link as well).

firefox hello conversation started

Step 2: Almost done. Now, all the recipient has to do is click on the invite link, and he/she will be asked to join the conversation. Once that’s done, Firefox Hello will automatically detect the webcam and microphone on the other user’s computer, and the chat will be initiated, right within the browser. Here’s a screenshot:

firefox hello conversation active

That’s all there’s to it, folks. Chat as much as you want. If you want to manage your chat contacts, you can easily do that by logging into your Firefox account. Can’t get any simpler than that, right?

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Wrapping Up

Video (and voice) chat is probably the most popular means of communication over the web these days, because it’s easy and real-time. And while services like Skype and Hangouts work just great, Firefox Hello makes things even better, and faster. Try it out, and get chatting with your buddies.

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