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PCB is free PCB (printed circuit board) design software for designing PCB circuit. PCB lets you design the circuit layout using predefined library of components and drawing tools. Along with the tools and components, PCB also offers you the PCB log. You can use the PCB log to view the messages that you get when you work with PCB designing software.

Also, this PCB design software offers different Route Styles which include Signal, Power, Fat, and Skinny. The routing styles are really cool when you want to draw different types of connections. Also, Route style is completely customizable. You can use the configuration to change the Route styles for width, size, and clearance.

I have tested PCB in Windows 7 and it worked great for me. I was able to draw different circuits using different components and save the circuit to my local storage. Below, I have posted a screenshot for a circuit that I designed.

PCB - Working

Another really interesting feature that I like in this PCB design software is the option to Optimize and Erase Rats Nest. You can easily create Rats Nest for the circuit by joining the Rats links.

You can view the circuit for different layers which include component, solder, power, Rats Nest lines, and many more.

Working With PCB Design Software:

PCB is simple to use and you can get started by placing the components from the component library Window. You can simply place the component on the space for designing the circuit in the user interface.

PCB - Interface

There is no option to add components from the main use interface. To add the components you have a different window. From the library of components you have the components such as Resistor, Capacitor, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, and many more.

PCB - Library

You can select any of the component from the library and place it on the main interface. You can select Line, arcs, text, polygon , buffer, and more options to design an effective circuit.

I also like that you can Zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel. Also, you can set the preferences for the grid lines, size on board, text size, and much more.

Features of Free PCB Design Software:

  • Simple to use.
  • Good predefined Component library.
  • Option to change the Route Style.
  • Option to view the circuit for different layers:
    • Component
    • Solder
    • GND
    • Power
    • Signal 1 – 4
    • Silk
    • Rat Lines
    • Pins/Pads
    • Vias
    • Far Side
  • Rats Lines connections.
  • Solder Mask.
  • View Netlist Window.
  • Rulers.
  • Hairpin for better accuracy.

You might also like to try similar software Pad2Pad.


PCB is very simple to use PCB design software. I really like the option to view the different layers for the board and different library components. However the search option did not work for me. I was able to design circuit and view the different layers, join rats nest lines. Overall, this is a good software to design PCB.

Go ahead and try PCB here.

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