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Daily Page is a free website, to respond to random questions asked to you and share your responses online. Once you have signed up with this website, it will send a question to your email address daily, and you need to respond to that question. Your response is posted online and you can make your response private or public.

Apart from responding to questions prompted to you, you can also submit your response to the question asked to some other user. Moreover, you can also read responses of multiple users who have submitted their responses for a particular question. Question would be anything, like how do you want to die?, describe an awe-inspiring view, define love, etc.

This website can help you to build a habit to write daily and on any topic. So, even if you have no knowledge of a particular question or topic, you can write your thoughts, and share it. Your response could be of any length. You are not limited to answer the question within few characters.

respond to the question and share online

Above screenshot shows the question sent to me by this website and my response for that question.

You may also check these free websites to write your stories and share online: Story Wars and Wattpad.

Important Options:

  • My Stats option is available that will help you to check the number of responses given by you so far and average word count (based on your responses).
    check stats
  • After sign in, you can access homepage (also known as prompts) of this website to view questions prompted to users (including you). From that page, you can view your response, edit your response, respond to any other question, and can read responses of other users.
  • You can customize Settings to receive the prompt email daily or weekly.

How To Use This Website and Respond to Questions Prompted to You?

First of all, access the homepage of this website. After this, sign up to this website. Now you have to wait for the question that will be sent to you on your email address. It sends one question in a day. When you will receive the question in email, open it, click on Respond button.

question received in email

It will direct you to your Daily Page account and that question will be in front of you. Now you can write your response that could be of any length. It is your choice how much you want to write about that question. Your response is saved automatically. Moreover, you have the whole day to write your response and edit it as many times as you want.

write your answer and set the privacy for your answer

Finally, you can make your response private or public using the available button.

After submitting your response, it is published the next day. When your response is stored, others can read it (if it is public) also add their responses to that question.


Daily Page can really help you to write on any topic. Whether you can write about it or not, you should try to respond to the question prompted to you. Moreover, submitting your responses for other questions will also improve your writing experience.

Try Daily Page free.

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