Solve Engineering, Scientific Equations Online, Create Custom Formula

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fx​Solver is a free tool to solve Engineering, Scientific equations online and create custom formula. On this website, you will find a lot of formulas and equations that you can solve by just specifying the different input parameters. And the best part is that if you can’t find any formula listed there, you can create it. There is a long list of formulas that you can browse and use.

You will find various formulas related to Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Aerospace engineering, Medical Science, Social sciences, and a lot others. You can browser all the formulas and use them whenever you want. Just select a formula and then simply specify the input values and get the result. Simple as that.

There are some scientific calculators that you can use on your PC but if you want a more powerful calculator, then you can use fxSolver. It can really help you solve simple as well as complex problems in just a few seconds. You can solve any question or problem easily. And no matter if you are middle school, high school or in college. This tool is for all and works perfectly with the built-in formulas as well as the custom ones.

Solve Engineering, Scientific Equations Online, Create Custom Formula

How to Solve Engineering, Scientific Equations Online, Create Custom Formula?

fxSolver is simple and a straightforward website that you can use to easily solve equations. And it’s pretty easy to get started with it. Also, while creating a custom formula, you are given options to easily use the complex mathematical notations like square root, exponential, log, trigonometric functions, integrals, differentials, and some more. You can use them in your formula and then form the final expression.

To use this simply go to its homepage and then sign up for a free account (which is optional). After that, you will reach the main interface of the tool from where you can just search a formula in it and then use it to calculate whatever you want to. Use the “Browse” section to look for a formula in the library or you can find it in the different categories. After that, just select it and specify the input parameters to calculate the final result.

fXSolver formula browser

Next, if you don’t find any formula in it then you can create it. The website offers a simple interface where you can write any equation and then save it. Also, you can opt to make the formula public by adding it to the website’s database. Not only that, but after creating your equation, you can even export it to PDF as well.

fxSolver create custom formula

In this way, you can use this free online tool to solve scientific as well an engineering calculation problems quickly. You can find almost any formula in it and then use that. The calculator is simple and really handy to use for your school, college, and research work.

Final thoughts

If you often use traditional scientific calculators, then you can try this more powerful online tool for the same. And what I really like about it is that it lets you create custom formulas as well. So, if you are looking for a simple and powerful calculator for your daily calculations then you can try this out.

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