Temporary Cloud Storage to Store 1GB Files Online for 24 Hours

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Tempfile.Cloud is a free temporary cloud storage to store files of up to 1GB online. It is a simple cloud storage website which offers 1GB of free storage and lets you upload files like video, images, documents etc. The 1GB of cloud storage offered by this website is actually temporary, which means whatever files you upload to this cloud storage will not remain there forever. The maximum expiry time of the files which you upload to “Tempfile.Cloud” is up to 24 hours. After uploading files to this temporary cloud storage, it will give you a unique URL using which you can download the files anytime you want in next 24 hours.

No doubt, there are many cloud storage services available which allow you to store more than 1GB of files. However, almost all of them requires you to create an account first to start uploading and storing files. But, if you want to quickly upload files of up to 1GB for sharing with others, then Tempfile.Cloud is another option that you can explore.

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How to Temporary Store 1GB Files Online with Tempfile.Cloud:

To get started, simply visit the homepage of Tempfile.Cloud and there you will see a simple box with a “Upload” icon. This “Upload” icon can be used to upload 1GB files temporarily to this cloud storage.

Now, to start uploading files, you need to simply click on the “Upload” icon. After that, it will allow you to browse your PC and select the file which you want to upload. You can select various files like images, videos, documents, etc. one at a time. Remember, the total temporary cloud storage offered by this website is 1GB and your files must not exceed this limit. You can either upload a single file of 1GB or split the temporary 1GB cloud storage for multiple files.

As soon as you’re done uploading a file to Tempfile.Cloud, it will automatically generate a unique URL for the file. You can now use the URL to download the file anytime you want until the 24 hours limit runs out.

Do note that this website is not meant for anonymous file sharing, as it logs your IP etc., so that this service can’t be misused.

My Final Verdict:

Tempfile.Cloud is a simple free temporary cloud storage which can be helpful to you if you want to temporarily store small files of up 1GB in the cloud for the next 24 hours. You don’t need to register for using this website and can directly upload files from your PC. Personally, I like this temporary cloud storage website because it gives links to all the uploaded files using which you can download the files from any device you want until the time limit of 24 hours runs out.

Try “Tempfile.Cloud” from here.

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