IFTTT Recipes Of The Week: Download Songs To Drive, Get Weather Via Text, and More

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Here are this weeks 5 best IFTTT recipes that we considered useful and worth mentioning. If you have stumbled across IFTTT related post for the first time then do read this post that introduces you to IFTTT. Also if you find any other interesting recipes then do mention them in the comments section below and we will feature them in the next weeks “5 Recipes of the week IFTTT”. Also if you managed to miss out on the last weeks IFTTT post then click here.

Text Me The Morning Weather Everyday:Text Me The Morning Weather Everyday

This is a simple yet useful IFTTT recipe that sends you an SMS to your mobile phone which includes the details about the morning weather. Just like any other recipe this is also extremely simple to setup. While using this you will have your current weather and forecast conditions sent directly to your mobile phone in the morning and no matter what kind of phone you are using you will get your daily dose of the weather. This one is specially useful if you are using a dumbphone for some reason, so try it now from the link provided below.

Link to the recipe.

Send Google Calendar Events To Wunderlist:

Send Google Calendar Events To Wunderlist

This is an awesome and really useful IFTTT recipe. The recipe will automatically add a task in your Wunderlist account when the event starts in the Google calendar. This recipe will automatically send an email from your Gmail account to your Wunderlist task that will add that task in your Wunderlist account. This recipe uses the Wunderlists’s mail to task feature to work and function.

Link to the recipe.

Download Songs From Soundcloud to Google Drive:

Download Songs From Soundcloud to Google Drive

Hey, if you use Soundcloud regularly then this will be a very interesting recipe for you. After this recipe has been activated on these two channels; any track that is marked as favorite by you on Soundcloud will be automatically downloaded to your Google drive. The above stated action will only occur if you publically favorite a track and also if the song is downloadable on Soundcloud. So you can use this simple recipe to automatically download the songs that you liked on Soundcloud to you Google drive. The limitation that is associated with this recipe is that it can only get songs that are below 30 MB each.

Link to the recipe.

Automatically Tweet The Morning Weather:

Automatically Tweet The Morning Weather

Running out of tweets or just want to have some fun; then try out this IFTTT recipe. This is quite a useful recipe specially for the people who are following you. This recipe allows you to tweet a pleasant good morning along with the time the sun will rise and the current weather conditions. This a simple and sweet IFTTT recipe that you can try out from below link. Also just as any other IFTTT recipe this one is also simple to setup.

Link to the recipe.

Thank Someone For Following On Twitter:

Thank Someone For Following On Twitter

If you are feeling thankful these days then use this IFTTT recipe. This recipe will check your email ID that is associated with the twitter account for emails and if it finds out that someone has stated to follow you then the recipe will send out an automatic tweet for thanking the new follower for following. But to use the recipe you will have to send all the follow emails to an custom label which will be monitored as a trigger. You can customize the text that you want to be tweeted out when someone follows you. This is a fun and friendly IFTTT recipe try it out from the link below.

Link to the recipe.

Hope you found these IFTTT recipes enjoyable and useful and don’t forget to share your creations with use in the comments section below.

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