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API Changelog is a free website to get notified about API changes of various web services. The website notifies (once a day) whenever there is a change in API of different services so that you never miss in implementing those changes in your own service. The website offers API change notification for 54 services including various widely popular services like Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify, Google Analytics, Github, SoundCloud, Buffer, Flickr, Foursquare, and many more. All the API change notifications are sent via email.

Apart from just getting notifications, you can also use this website to check recent API changes and to know about these changes in detail. For example, you can check the API documentation, URL history, compare newer update with earlier update, etc.. The website even lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and check API changelog in JSON format for any service. API Changelog also has API request feature using which you can request for API of any service which is not covered by them yet.

Detailed Info About Selected Service

How to Get Notified When API Changes with API Changelog Website:

You are required to register with API Changelog website using your Github account to get notified when API changes. You can also use all the features of website even without linking your Github account except for the notification feature. After completing this step, you have to follow the services about which you want to get notified when API changes.

Getting Started With API Changelog

On the homepage, you will see 9 Featured services: Contentful, Github, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Inbox, HipChat, Spotify, Expedia Affiliate Network, and RunScope. If you want to explore all 54 supported services, click on View All 54 Services option.

Featured Services

You can see that for each service, the website is displaying its name, logo, tagline, number of pages tracked, recent changes, and a Follow button. To get notified when API changes, you only have to click on this Follow button and that’s it. The website notifies you (via email) about any API changes once in a day.

API Change Notification

If you want to know about changes and other info in detail, then click on View Details option for that service.

After clicking, you will see the interface as shown in screenshot posted below. You can check API documentation for the selected service under Recent Activity section. If you want to read documentation on service provider’s official page, then click on the name of documentation and if you want to read it within API Changelog website, then click on View option.

Detailed Info About Selected Service

Click on URL History to check all the changes along with percentage change between previous and latest version. You can also compare the two version by clicking on Compare Previous Version. You can also view content of latest changes by clicking on View Content option.

List of All Changes

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Final Verdict:

API Changelog is really an awesome website to get notified when API of some web service changes. This website can prove to be really helpful for developers by getting notifications on time about API changes so they can implement the same to their own service. So, if you are a developer then you should give it a try.

Check API Changelog here.

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