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I admit that sometimes looking at acronyms on news websites, I wonder what it stands for. I end up looking at another website to find its full form. Doing this regular chore of mine, I came across this nice website called acronyms and slang. The websites has a huge database of acronyms, slangs, initials that you come across or don’t come across while browsing the internet.

The reason I liked this website a lot is it has all sought of acronyms, slangs that are being used on the internet now days. The language of the teenagers, which is modern and happening according to my thirteen year old cousin. The English where we write full words is out dated now apparently.

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As everyone know Acronyms are abbreviations derived from initials of word or a phrase. A lot of places use these acronyms, places we come across in day-to-day life as well like airports, Hospitals, etc. Sometimes we end up wondering what exactly does that stand for. This website is the right place to be at in case you find yourself wondering about an abbreviation or maybe a chat message you received from your children. The text messages kids send now days sound like some encoded cipher sometimes. Takes me a minute or two to understand what it is that they are trying to say exactly.

The website features on top of the page the most popular slangs and acronyms being used by people. Apart from this the acronyms have also been categorized into different heading like education & school, government, airport, medicine & science, etc. The various categories can be seen on the screenshot below. You can browse through popular acroymns being used in each category.

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The acronyms have also been listed alphabetically. So in case you have a word or rather acronym that you want to look up then you can do it through this alphabetical list or you can also search it through the search box given at the top of the page. The easiest way would be to just type in the search box if you are looking for the meaning of a word, or full form of an abbreviation. When you search for a word or abbreviation, the search result will list out the uses of that particular word you typed in each category. The various categories have been shown above in the last screenshot.

I liked this website a lot as it lets me stay updated with the latest internet lingo. There is a separate section for modern slangs and chat cultures. Parents can specially check this section out to understand the messages their children send to them. I guess it is a better way then asking your children who seem to never listen.

Apart from this modern-day lingo, the website can be useful to find acronyms being used or seen at places you visit regularly. The website also lists the abbreviations being used for locations. For example, the abbreviation being used for Australia at airports is AU.

Everyone can use this website to find meanings or acronyms of words you read often but fail to realise what they actually stand for. From regular news acronyms to modern-day slangs you can find everything on this website. So go ahead and check this website out. You might find the meaning of the word you were wondering about.

Check out acronyms and slang website here.

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