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A Place Between Us is a free website to find common meeting place between different locations. If you and your friends are planning to meet at a common place, then you can just put addresses of all friends in this, and it will suggest a meeting location that is at almost center of location of all of you. Not only that, you can also give your preference for meeting place (like, you want to meet at a coffee shop, movie theater, shopping mall, etc.) and it will recommend meeting places based on that.

A Place Between Us is completely free, and doesn’t require anything to download or install. Just go to the website and add your addresses to find the common meeting place.

A place Between Us home

How to Find Common Meeting Place with A Place Between Us:

A Place Between Us uses Google Maps to find common meeting place. The interface is pretty simple to use. When you go to Homepage of the website, you will see a box on the right in which you have to add address. You can add as many addresses as you want, one after the another. Unfortunately, it does not give the option of address auto-complete, as Google Maps gives. Nevertheless, it should be pretty quick to add all the addresses.

You may like to try TimeBridge to check availability of people for meeting.

As you keep adding the addresses, it starts showing those addresses on Google Maps, with markers on the map. In addition to that, it also keep showing approximate center point for all the addresses, with a Green marker.

Below the address box, you will also see an option for “Where would you like to Meet?”. This textbox by default shows “Coffee”. This means that this website will find coffee places around the center point. In case you want to find some other place, you can specify your preference here. In the screenshot below, I am looking for a movie theater could be a common meeting place for all my friends.

A place Between Us Movie

Based on my preference, A Place Between Us is showing me different movie theaters. You can see that all the recommended places are also visible on the map, in Yellow markers.

If you want to see directions of any address from any recommended meeting place, then click on “A”, “B”, “C” etc. next to each place. These alphabets represent addresses that you provided. Clicking on any of these will open a new Google Map tab, with directions from that address to that meeting place.

A place Between Us Movie locate

A Place Between Us also lets you refine results further. For that, you can move the Green marker anywhere on the map, and then this website will recommend meeting places around your preferred area. All the updates happen in real-time.

I hope you have a great time meeting with your friends, and then you might also like to create your own tour.

My Opinion of A Place Between Us:

This website is a practically useful service to find common meeting point. If you want to plan a get together with many friends, you can use this service to find a location that is convenient for all of you. Option of specifying preferred meeting place, as well as moving around the center point are other useful options to find something that you prefer.

I do wish that it some more options, like: option to see directions within the same window, option to see distance from all addresses, option to save my addresses and meeting point so that I could send that as URL to all other friends, etc. But even in current form, the service is definitely useful.

Try A Place Between Us here.

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