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Calvin & Hobbes, everybody who knows about this duo is a given fan and you can not avoid loving these two characters. They are funny and come up with hilarious stuff. I love Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. I used to read them in the newspaper every weekend. I had a Calvin & Hobbes comic given to me as a present on my 10th birthday, which I read several times before I lost it. I can still read a Calvin & Hobbes comic book over and over. So when I found this Calvin & Hobbes search engine I was over joyed.

This web app is a search engine for Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. All you have to do is search using keywords and it will come up with comic strips related to those keywords. When you open up this website you will see a page like the screenshot below.

calvin&hobbes search engine home

Here in the search box, put in the keyword you want to search for. Like I put in airplane keyword in the search box, as there were some airplane strips I remembered reading. Click on the search button. Now a page like below screenshot will open up.

calvin&hobbes results

Top of the page will show you total number of results it found related to the keyword. Then it will list the date when that particular comic strip was published. Then you will see script and description of the comic strip. At the bottom it will also show if this strip was part of a comic book. In the center the box you see with the text “click for comic strip” will take you to the strip when clicked.

You can go through all the strips one by one. Clicking on the name of a comic book in the appears in section will take you to the Amazon website from where you can buy that particular comic book.

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Reading these comic strips is so much fun. Each time you click for comic strip button, it will take you to another page where the strip has been published. So this website is just a way to search for your favorite comic strip. I found this search engine great and I could find a lot of comic strips which I remembered reading. If you are a Calvin & Hobbes fan then you definitely should try out this website.

Go ahead and check out Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine here.

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