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My Meeting Time is a free web app which will let you know the best time to schedule a meeting with people in different time zones. The app will plot the business hours on a line graph and show you the best time to schedule the meeting considering different time zones. For example, you need to schedule a meeting with your overseas employees who are in different time zones, then how would you come to know which time would be the best to schedule the meeting. This is where my meeting time comes in. All you need to do is enter your location and location of your employees. This web app will then tell you a time which will suit everybody for that meeting you want to have. It will point out the business hours which will be appropriate for both of you.

Let’s look at this app below. When you land on this website, you will see a page like the below screenshot.

mymeeting time homepage

Here you need to choose the host location, that is you. Then choose the location of your participants. You can add multiple participants from multiple cities and countries. Then choose a date for the meeting, which is optional and can be left blank. Now below these boxes you will see the business hours section which points out time which would be best for meeting.

As seen in the below screenshot, the host business hours are marked with a blue color and the location time zone of participants is also marked.

mymeeting time business hours

Now it shows that the best time for meeting would be 5:30 PM India time as the time in London, Rome and Morocco will be between 12 PM to 1 PM. Whereas, time in USA would be 7 AM and time in Sydney, Australia would be 9 PM. So according to the app, this is the best time for conducting a meeting. Because its not too early or too late for participants from USA or Australia.

Based on this plot of time you can decide when you want to have that meeting. You will also see a share button at the bottom of the page. There are two ways to share this meeting time details. You can either email these details to your colleagues or you can generate a shareable link to this page. This link can then be sent to the participants, so they can also look at the common hours of business and give approval for the meeting.

mymeeting time share

You can also share the app through your social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. There is also an option to download the chrome app for your Chrome browser.

This app makes it very easy for you to decide when you want to schedule meetings that are convenient to everybody anywhere in the world. Instead of checking out different time zones of your employees to schedule a meeting, you can simple come to this website and add the locations for participants. The website will give you the best time to for the meeting keeping in mind other time zones.

You can also try out the app a place between us which points out common meeting places between different locations.

Go ahead and try out this simple web app My Meeting Time to schedule a meeting at the best possible time across time zones.

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