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Exercise.com is a very useful website that provides free workout plans, as well as lets you log workouts. Once you have chosen a workout, you can log your workout corresponding to that. For example, you can log how much weights did you lift, how many squats you did, etc. It lets you record workout details in minute details. So, you can even record different repeats that you did for different sets. Then, over time, it shows you your performance, as well as how you are doing.

Apart from letting you log workouts, it also provides details about how exercises should be done. It has video tutorials about exercises, as well as brief notes. So, if you go to a gym, you can confidently do those exercises, without relying on a trainer.

logging of workout

Various features of Exercise.com:

Free Workout Plans:

free workout plans

The first and foremost reasons I landed on this website is to find some good free workout plans. Most of the workout plans on this website are actually paid, but it has a pretty good collection of free plans as well, and those plans are quite good. The workout plans that it has are pretty detailed in nature. When you choose a workout plan, it lets you select the days on which you want to do workout, as well as choose to get email reminder of the workout. I found this feature a bit motivating as well ;) . The plan itself shows all the details, like which exercises you should do on a particular day, how many sets, etc. And as I mentioned earlier, it also shows details of how the exercises should be done. So, start by selecting a free workout plan (do remember to create a free account first). In addition to the workout plan, it also provides suggested diet plan to be followed with each workout plan. Another interesting feature I found is that you can create PDF of workout plans as well as diet plan. This is a useful feature, especially if you want to take a printout of the workout plan to carry with you.

Here are some of the free workout plans available on this website:

  • Beginner Workout Plan
  • POP Cardio
  • Cardio Pilates
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Bikini Blaster 1-7
  • Intense Abs Workout
  • The Scientific 7-Minute Workout
  • Lolo Jones Legs and Lunges Workout
  • CrossFit Benchmark

There are many other workouts that you can select from. Of course, you can make your own custom workout as well.

Log workout Details:

workout plan with logging option

Once you have found a workout plan you want to follow, next step is to record your workout details. As I mentioned in the beginning, it lets you record all the minute details related to the workout. You can record exactly which exercises you did, how many sets of each exercise, etc. Based on your profile information and the exercises, it also calculates how many calories you burnt. It also shows a record of your achievements, like, miles ran, weight lifted. One interesting thing about this website is that it assigns you points when you log workout. So, as you exercise more, your accumulated points increase. This is another simple motivational tool to force you to push yourself more.



Whenever I go to gym, I find myself struggling to know how exactly to do a exercise. This website has solved that problem as well. It shows all the exercises, as well as video tutorials of each exercise. Just go through them to know how to do each exercise. This website has a huge collection of exercises that you can go through. It actually has a pretty interesting feature to find exercises that are fit for you. Using its filters, you can specify the type of exercise that you want to do (like, Chest, triceps, etc.), as well as specify the equipment that you have. And based on that, it will tell you exactly which exercises you can do.

My Verdict of Exercise.com:

Frankly, I am in love with this website (it might be apparent from my review above). For me, this is the best and perfect solution I have found till now to get some good workout plans, as well as log them in one place. I have already started using this as a part of my daily gym routine, and plan on continue using it for a long time. I did come across some bugs on this website (like, selecting a plan actually didn’t add it to the profile), but I am sure those would be fixed soon. Nevertheless, I am a believer in this, and I suggest you also try it out. You might finally start enjoying the exercise routine.

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