5 Free Websites To Check Live Cricket Scores

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to check live cricket scores. These websites provide you real-time updates of cricket matches going around the world. Apart from providing live scores for international cricket matches of all the teams, these websites also cover some domestic tournaments like Ranjhi Trophy, Big Bash Bash, IPL, and more. These websites are a great hub for all cricket lovers as you can stay updated about scores even while you are on the move and also get to read about other news related to cricketing world.

The websites to check live cricket scores mentioned in this article are ESPN cricinfo, Yahoo cricket, IBN Live, thatsCricket.com, and Cricbuzz.

ESPN cricinfo:

ESPN cricinfo-check cricket scores live-scoreboard

The first website to check live cricket scores is ESPN cricinfo. This is the official website of ESPN sports channel where you can stay updated about all the international matches going around the world. The scores are updated in real-time and you can read ball by ball commentary of the ongoing match. There are multiple tabs on the home page, from where you can select any particular country and view live scores of their ongoing match. Other than viewing live scores, there are lots of articles on current issues going on in cricketing world that you can read.

Visit ESPN cricinfo from here.

Yahoo Cricket:

Yahoo cricket

Yahoo Cricket is the second website where you can check live cricket scores. You can view the live scores of all the ongoing matches on the home page of this website. You can view ball by ball scores on this website in real-time. The website also has a “ongoing series” tab wherein, all the ongoing series are listed with their full schedule. Scores for any of these ongoing series can be viewed. The website also provides live scores of popular domestic tournaments like IPL. Lastly, since the website is meant for cricket, all the news related to cricket is available for you on this website.

Try Yahoo cricket from here.

IBN Live:

IBN Live

Another website to check live cricket scores is IBN Live. The website is very much similar to ESPN cricinfo. You get to view live scores along with ball by ball commentary of the ongoing match. The list of matches going on is given in the right corner and you can pick the match for which you want to view the scores. You can also view the schedule of all the upcoming series and read news related to players, cricketing boards etc. The website is run by a news channel, so you can also read and view news related to other fields of live.

Visit IBN Live from here.



Fourth website to check live cricket scores is thatsCRICKET.com. You can view the full scorecard of the ongoing match on this website. The scorecard is updated in real-time and you can see ball by ball changes in it. The website also allows you to view live streaming of the ongoing match. It mainly covers Indian cricket but live scores for all the matches around the world are also made available. Live scores of domestic tournaments played in India like IPL, Ranjhi Trophy are also covered on this website.

Reach thatsCRICKET.com from here.



I will end this list to check live cricket scores with Cricbuzz. This is a very popular website to check live cricket scores online as it covers both international and domestic cricket matches played around the world. On the top right corner, you can view the live score of the current match. The option to read commentary along with the score is also provided by the website. The best thing about this website is that it provides scores of all the domestic matches as well.

Try out Cricbuzz from here.

Try out these above mentioned websites and give us your feedback in the comments section.

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