How to Reply to Slack Messages via Email

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This tutorial is all about how to reply to Slack messages via email. There is a simple method using which you can now send replies to Slack messages by sending emails. It can be done using a free service called “Stop Slacking” which you can easily integrate with Slack. After that, whenever someone mentions you in a Slack message or send you a direct message, this service will send you an email notification. Then you can read the message and then reply to the Slack message directly by replying to the same email.

When you do that, the reply will be automatically posted on Slack in the conversation channel or direct message thread. This way you can reply to as many Slack messages as you want via email. So, if you don’t want to always open Slack just to reply to a message, then this service can come in handy for you.

We have already covered a tutorial on how to send emails from Slack, but if you want to do the opposite, then this tutorial is for you.

How to Reply to Slack Messages via Email:

To get started, simply visit the homepage of “Stop Slacking” and scroll down to the installation section. Now, in the first step, you would need to click the “Grab your Slack workspace token” link. As soon as you do that, the “Legacy Token Generator” will open up in Slack.

Now, click on the “Create token” button in the Legacy Token Generator. After that, it will generate a token for your Slack workspace. Then you can proceed to integrate this service just by sending the token to this email address visible in the installation section on the Stop Slacking homepage.

As soon as you do that, your subscription to this service will be confirmed and it will be integrated with Slack automatically. Now, whenever someone mentions you in a Slack message or sends you a direct message, you will receive an email with the message.

Now, to reply to the Slack message, all you gotta do is reply to the same email. Just select the email reply option and then type your response. As soon as you do that, the “Stop Slacking” service will automatically post the reply on Slack.


This is how you can easily reply to Slack messages via email. The Stop Slacking service makes it simple for you to do that. Apart from sending replies via email, this service also offers some useful features like you read the messages without opening Slack, anyone who sends you messages doesn’t need to have this service integrated on their Slack account, etc. Go ahead and give it a try.

Try “Stop Slacking” from here.

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