How to Automatically Follow Instagram Users Having Specified Hashtags?

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The tutorial talks about how to automatically follow Instagram users having specified hashtags. For this, you can use a free Chrome extension named Gram Up. After adding this extension to your Chrome browser, it prompts you to provide credentials such as Instagram username and password. Thereafter, you can access its features to automate your Instagram account.

You can add a specific hashtag, i.e., #portrait. Then, you can choose the number of followers. Once you do so, the extension finds a few results with the given hashtag and then automatically follows those Instagram users who have used the specified hashtag. Also, it follows only the specified number of followers. It makes your work easy to follow random Instagram users.

Automate Instagram following

Automatically Follow Instagram Users Having Specified Hashtags

In order to automate your Instagram following, you need to install the Chrome extension called Gram Up. This is a free extension that works as a bot to automate anything in your Instagram account. For example, you can automatically hit likes and follow Instagram users having specified hashtags.

After installing the extension, you need to provide your Instagram username and password. Your credentials are safely stored inside your browser. The service claims that they don’t share your Information.

Once you’re logged in, you will see the details of your Instagram account. On the left side, you will see a few options such as follow, like, unfollow, download, comment, etc. You can use these actions to automate your Instagram account.

To automatically follow Instagram users, you can go to the section called Follow. Then, it shows three more options; Followers, Following, and Hashtag authors.

You can click on Hashtag authors. Then, you can add a custom word with a hashtag, i.e., #photo, #Christmas, #portrait. After adding the hashtag, you can select the number of Instagram users to follow.

Doing so, the extension will follow only the specified number of followers with the specific hashtag.

automatically follow Instagram users by hashtag

As shown in the image above, I added the hashtag of photo (#photo) and selected 5 Instagram users to follow. After clicking on the Run, it started running and found a few results. Here, it showed me 83 Instagram users that have used #photo. And since I selected 5 users to follow so it followed only 5 users who have used #photo.

The bot sleeps for a while after following each Instagram user. So you can stop the task in between. Also, you can enable the notify button where it notifies you once the task is done.

Besides that, you can use the remaining two options; Followers and Followees. Here, you just need to enter the username and select the number of users to follow. Doing so, the bot follows the followers and following of the given username.

In brief

Gram Up is a free Chrome extension that makes your Instagram experience better. Here, you can automate the following by adding a hashtag. You can select the number of users and then it automatically follows people. This is so easy to use and can be a helpful way of getting engagement on Instagram.

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