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Erly collections is a free social platform which helps users in story telling an entire event with a photo collection/video collection as a collaborative group. In other words, you can say that it is a photo or video collage maker. There are certain stories on your blog which coupled with photo collections, is better shared with multi view perspective from your friends, relatives or colleagues narratives added to the photo collection. Erly can be simply put as free group photo sharing where you, your friends, family, co-workers, etc. can add and share pictures amongst each other.

According to the creators of Erly, Erly Collections helps you and your friends organize your personal content around a shared experience so that you always remember interesting moments. Imagine how company histories, audio/video biographies or a small slideshow for your friends could be created in a matter of minutes. You could even pull Facebook images for creating content. You could also invite over friends for this collaborative group effort.


How to make Photo/Video collection with Erly :

Making a photo or video collection with Erly Collections is quite easy, you first login using your email or Facebook account. Then just add images from your hard drive/Facebook. Images from your hard drive can be added via the drag and drop method. After adding the photos you can add the captions or the related stories with your tweets, YouTube videos and the other etceteras which enhance the story telling process. The photo collections can become voluminous.

As far as I was able to figure out you could add about a hundred images in the photo collection. You could couple the photos and videos together. Invite friends over to assist you on this collaborative group effort. So you see how your personal content becomes extra presentable. You could put up this photo collection or whatever you want it to be on your blog. Do check out the reaction of your readers/spectators.

We were impressed for sure with Erly, though I would love to see a detailed manual on the website as Erly has great potential. It is aptly suited for documentary makers or ad makers.

Features of Erly Collections :

  • Simple tool for presenting photo collections and video collections.
  • Requires no separate account, you can use your Facebook account to log in Erly Collections.
  • Multi user interface, you could ask your friends to assist you to build the photo collection/video collection.
  • Facebook/Twitter share, you can share your collection on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Free.

How to set up an account with Erly Collections :

  • Visit the website.
  • Fill in the required details or simply click on Log in with Facebook.

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Erly Collections is a free website which helps users in story telling an entire event with a photo collection/video collection as a collaborative group. Try Erly Collections Free. You can also check out the video posted on the homepage of Erly to better understand it working.

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