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Wunderlist is a free task management software for Mac that lets you organize and manage your tasks. It is free, fast, and beautiful. The application has a wonderful, simple, and minimalist design; this makes it really easy to use. Wunderlist has become one of the most popular task manager and organizer application for Mac OS X and others.

Wunderlist is available across most platforms, including: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and online. This makes sure that you can manage and view your task list on the move across various platforms. This enables you can use Wunderlist to organize task, remember important stuff, and complete them in time.

wunderlist interface screenshot

After I installed it, It took me just 5 minutes to understand all the basics and I started to use the application without any problem. Its is simple and straight forward in its functionality and elegant in design.

How to install Wunderlist For Mac:

Wunderlist is available on the Mac App Store for free. To download it click here, this will redirect you to the Mac App Store from where you can install it for free. Plus this application is also available across most of the popular mobile and desktop platforms. You can also install a mobile version of this application, so that you can manage your to-do list on the go. This application is available  for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Plus if you device does not support the application then you can always open up Wunderlist online.

Wunderlist download

After installation when you open up the application it will ask you for registration, so that it can sync tasks across different platforms. I though that ahh !! I have to fill out a long and boring form. But to my surprise the registration was really easy all it asked for an Email and a Password.

how to register wunderlist mac

Features of Free Task Manager for Mac:

  • This free task manager for Mac is dead simple and there are other applications which have features like: priority, locations, subtasks, tags etc. But Wunderlist is not like this. It gives you a really simple and elegant interface to manage your to-do list and its popularity proves what most expect out of a task manager application.
  • The application has the ability to sync across multiple platforms and devices, this makes this application really helpful to view, manage, and get notifications.
  • You can change the background of of this to-do list manager according to your need. It comes with inbuilt set of backgrounds that are really beautiful and lets you customize the application. So it looks and feels the way you would like it to be.
  • You can prioritize a specific task by clicking on the star besides it, this will bring it up in the task list and also will be covered in a small red banner which shows that this task is important.
  • This task manager for Mac is small in size just around 15MB, the application is really fast and you can notice pending tasks in the dock as shown below.wunderlist dock notification
  • The application also offers keyboard shortcuts and this makes it really easy to use the application once you get used to it.
  • You can create multiple lists. This makes it really easy to manage task according to categories, priorities, and needs.
  • Wunderlist allows you to share the list that you have created with other Wunderlist users so that you can collaborate with them on a list.
  • The print option allows up to take a physical copy of a list, so that you can use it if its needed.
  • Wunderlist also allows you filter tasks by started, done, today, tomorrow, next 7 days etc. This option allows up to breakdown your list according to the needed filter.


Wunderlist is the simple, yet powerful task manager for your Mac. Applications like Wunderlist, VLC, and HandBrake prove that a free application can be as good or even better than a paid application.

This application managed to satisfy me, many other, and hope it satisfies you. The ability to share list and manage them on every imaginable device, makes this application one of the best task manager application for your Mac.

If do not have access to App Store then click this link to download it.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Mac OS X
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