Free iPhone App to Get Micro-Actions to Do Daily

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You-app is a free iPhone app to get micro-actions to do on a daily basis. It means that the app assigns you a new micro-action each day which you have to do. You can also skip any micro-action if you don’t want to do it and wait for the new one. If you decide to do any of the micro-actions, then you have to post a photo showing that you have done that particular micro-action.

The app is developed with the focus on the quote that all big things happen by adding up small things. So this app provides you with micro-actions which will help you in building great habits or to learn new things.

For example, your micro action for the day can be to have dinner with your family on the same table with no phone calls, no emails, and no distractions. Just a simple dinner with family while giving complete attention to them. So when you do it, you will have to post a photo as a proof that you did it. You can post the photo of the dinner table for example.

Apart from just posting photos of your micro-actions, you can also follow other users, like and comment on their posts.

Micro-action of the day

Using this iPhone App to Get Micro-Actions to Do Daily:

You have to register for an account to get started with using the You-app. You can get the account either by registering using your email or linking Facebook/Twitter account. When you have launched the app, you will see the interface shown in the screenshot below. Here, you have 4 options: Me, We, Do, and Yo.

You-app Interface

Tap on Do option to check out all the micro-actions available for you. You can scroll to go through all the micro-actions.

List of Micro-Actions

Tap on any micro-action to see its description and the posts related to that micro-action. The description includes the information about what the micro-action is all about and what you have to do to complete that micro-action.

Micro-action of the day

When you have done the action, you need to tap on the Camera icon to capture a photo which can signify that you have done the micro-action. The app also lets you add filters to your photo.

Add Photo

On adding filters, the next step is to write something about it like how did you complete the action or how are you feeling after completing it, etc.. You can also add relevant hashtags to your post. When you are done, tap on Post to post the photo. You can also delete any of your posted photos anytime.

Post Your Task

This way, you have to check out for the micro-actions, complete them, and post photo about them. If you don’t want to do any of the micro-action or you find it hard to do, then you can also skip it and wait for the new one which will come next day.

Other Options of this iPhone App to Get Micro-Actions to Do Daily:

  • Me: This option displays the profile. Check your posts, followers, and users you are following.
  • We: Checkout You-app community and browse the photos posted by others. You can like and comment on them. You can also tap on user name to follow him/her.
  • Yo: Checkout the notifications about someone liking your posted photo, commenting on it or following you.

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Final Verdict:

You-app is a good app to build up on bigger things by doing smaller things known as micro-actions. The app is not all about posting photos, but the community also inspires you to do better as you go through posts of others and follow the users. Do give it a try.

Get You-app here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1]
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