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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free mobile application that reads text SMS and email messages aloud so that while driving your hands are on steering wheel and not on your cell phone. The application is specially designed for your Android and Blackberry phones. This handy application was designed in order to reduce accident rate on roads.

It has been observed that major road accidents takes place due to lack of concentration and people using cell phones during driving. Now eliminate the temptation of using your cell phone while driving and avoid dangerous accidents. The application is wonderful for students, employees and anyone who has a habit of using cell phones while driving.

The API is light weight and does not take up much space. It converts the text into audio files so that when you get a SMS while driving, you do not need to read your message and it will automatically be read to you in natural human like voice.

The API is very intelligent and flexible and you can set the API on and off as per your choice. Set it up, turn it on, and incoming text messages and email are read aloud to you. However, the free edition of the will read first 25 words of the SMS, which is enough for you to identify the sender of the SMS and the purpose.

If you want to install the free version of the then you will have to fill up a short application form. The application will ask for your cell phone info like whether you have work phone or personal phone. Than select the phone you have – BlackBerry, iPhone, android or Windows Mobile.

In the end just enter your email address or your cell phone number where would send your mobile application to the registered number or mail address. Upload the application on your cell phone, enjoy the natural voice narrating your incoming messages, and save yourself from fatal accidents. It reads BBM and SMS aloud so you can avoid texting and more importantly have a safe commute. You can also privately listen to text messages while driving by using your Bluetooth car-kit.

Download the application to your smart phone that allows you to listen to text messages while driving now available at App World, Android Marketplace, or iTunes. When you have downloaded the application on your phone, use the application while you drive and set the application off when you have reached your destination. The setting for switching on and off the app is done in one touch, thus it does not take much effort to use this free app.

Some of the features of

  • Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time
  • Hands Free – No need to touch the phone while driving
  • One-touch activation – no complicated setup
  • Bluetooth and radio transmitter compatible
  • Reads text message shorthand is a easy to use application and free to download. You can also read Read Aloud and Carryout Text for converting text into speech. You might also be interested in GroupMe which is a software to send messages to a group of people.

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Works With: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile
Free/Paid: Free

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