5 Websites To Read Biographies Of Famous People

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Here is a list of 5 websites to read biographies of famous people  for free. Some of the websites even allow you to download these biographies as e-books.

Getting to read about the lives of famous people is always an exciting thing. Because these people become so popular, we all want to know about their personal lives, whether they had a childhood like us, whether they live like us, what are they like in their private lives, and more. Sometimes it is purely out of curiosity, and sometimes it is the inspiration we get from their work that makes us know more about them.

Generally, interviews, google searches, etc. are the ways people resort to to know about their favorite people. However, it is the biographies & autobiographies that act as the most insightful source of acquiring knowledge about them. Biographies lay bare the kernel of their subjects and introduce the readers to every minute detail as if they knew them all along. Thus, a free biography available online is a blessing & an opportunity not to be missed.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Biography.com, Bookyards, Omnibiography, Loyal Books, and Biography Online.


read biography of famous people

The first website to read biographies of famous people is Biography.com. Associated with Biography channel, this website has a lot of interesting stuff to share with you. The biography section is quite informative and keeps coming up with new biographies on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to receive regular updates. However, since the website mainly revolves around celebrities, the biography section is also predominantly heavy with actors, players, musicians. For instance you can read about Frank Gifford, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, and more. Their biographies include a quick facts column, a short video attached to their biographies, and a complete description of their early life, work, and the legacies they have left behind. You can read them online, and also make your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. by sharing with them. Check out the link above.


read biographies of famous people

Bookyards is another fine website that you can visit to read biographies of famous people. This website is different in the sense that it not only lets you read the share the biographies online but, also download them on your system for free. In fact, it is only after downloading the PDF of the biography that you can open it in your browser and read it. In case you do not want the biography in PDF format, you can also choose to convert it to kobo.

Bookyards is basically a free platform for users to come and explore different books. Biographies is one of the many categories in which books are available on this platform. In total, there are over 750 free titles in PDF for you to download. The biographies are long and descriptive, including all the exciting details that you can share online. Check out the link above.


read biographies of famous people

The third website to read biographies of famous people is Omnibiography. There are no tabs or categories on the home page, and you have to search for biographies by name, country, or alphabetically. The website has over 110,000 biographies available online on its platform. Some of them are also available in different languages.

The biographies available on this website are quite broad in the sense that there are external links attached to it. These links guide you to outside sources where you can read more about the topic. YouTube is also one such source. However, some of the links were discovered to be broken while testing. Lastly, the most interesting feature is that you are not only made to read lots and lots of biographies for free but, can also submit one of your own. The website lets you submit a biography by filling in all the necessary details. Check out the link above and start reading.

Loyal Books:

read biographies of famous people

Loyal books is the penultimate website reviewed here to read biographies of famous people. The website not only helps users with biographies but, there are many other genres to be read. As far as biographies are concerned there are over 250 free biographies to read, and new ones are added from time to time. The biographies on this site are not just available as eBooks but also as audio books. Just hit the option of stream audio book, plug-in your earphones and lay back.  Each of the chapters in the book are segregated & arranged in an ordered list. What’s more is that the website also allows you to download these audio on your system in Mp3 format. You can also avail this service in iPod and iTunes format. Check out the link above.

Biography Online:

read biographies of famous people

The final website to read biographies of famous people is Biography Online. The website lets you read biographies of 100 people who changed the world, women who changed the world, and inspirational people. These are all different categories under which you can read biographies on this website. These different categories include scientists, politicians, musicians, poets, humanitarians, actors, and many more. Some of the names in these categories include Mary Wollstonecraft, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther king, JK Rowling, Benjamin Franklin, and more. There are also some featured biographies given separately on the home page of the website. You can read them for free and also share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The only real problem with this platform is that the biographies are not as informative as they are expected to be. Check it out from the above link.

After reading biographies on all these platforms, I hope you would manage to know all there is about your favorite celebrity, or writer, or politician, etc. If you want to share anything about them, we are always keeping an eye on comments section. Do not forget to write to us.


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