5 Websites To Check Latest NBA Scores Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to check latest NBA scores online. These websites provide scores of all the latest games played, schedules of upcoming games, latest news from your favorite sport, and much more. So, if you were not able to watch the game live, or want to read what’s happening in the world of NBA, jump on to these websites straightaway. No user name or account is required to check scores on any of these websites.

NBA, as I understand, is a really famous and one of the most loved sport all around America and some other parts of the world as well. However, with so many games being played in a single day, you are bound to miss some of them. In that light these websites can prove to be useful. Some of these websites even provide videos from the latest games, so they’re more than useful.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are NBA.com, CBS Sports.com, FOX Sports, ESPN, and USA TODAY.


check latest NBA scores

The first website to check latest NBA scores online is NBA.com. It includes all the latest activities from the world of NBA on its portal. Scores of previous day’s games are available; you can also see the fixture and games lined up for today, and much more.

Since this website is purely meant to showcase NBA related news, there is a lot more stuff that you will find, then just the scores and fixtures. There are different tabs for scores & schedules, blogs, latest team news, videos from latest games, team stats, and a lot more. Keep browsing through these tabs and you will find a lot of stuff.

CBS Sports.com:

check latest NBA scores

Another website to check latest NBA scores online is CBS Sports.com. This website also possesses a lot of information including scores from previous day’s games, team standings, schedules, stats, and much more. The interesting thing on this website is it also provides an account of all the injuries that have taken place, transactions going around, and latest news from players. You can type the name of any player and read the latest info on that player. Isn’t that exciting?

Unlike NBA.com, CBS Sports.com is not only limited to news from the NBA world. You can grasp information about a lot of other events as well like NFL, Golf, and more.

FOX Sports:

FOX Sports

The next website to check latest NBA scores online is FOX Sports. It is a nice and quite a popular online platform to read information related to various sports, and NBA is one of those. From scores to schedules, from latest news to top headlines, you will find it all on this website. You will also find videos and photos from the latest NBA games. Current team standings, news from players, etc. are some other things that can be grasped. All  this information is nicely wrapped into separate tabs and presented to you for free.


check latest NBA scores

With all the popularity and respect among sports lovers that it enjoys, ESPN is our next platform to check NBA scores online. True to its nature, it provides accurate scores of latest games, schedule of upcoming games, and some useful insight on players and their performances. There are a lot of other tabs as well that provide you useful details like team standings, players, stats.

One such tab on this website is titled Rumor. It includes all the rumors going around related to transfers, injuries, rivalries, and more. All this seems really interesting and spices up things for all the fans.


check latest NBA scores

In case you have been too busy to notice things happening around you, USA TODAY can prove to be a useful online platform for you. The website consists of all the latest information from different walks of life. It also includes information about NBA and that is what makes this website useful to check latest NBA scores.

In the sports tab on this website, you will be able to check all the latest NBA scores, the team standings, statistics, schedule, and more. There are also videos from latest games, and stories about players & teams that are doing rounds. You can go through all of this without any account or money. Check out the link given above.

Try out all these websites and let us know what you think about them.

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