6 Online Celebrity Look Alike Generator Websites Free

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In this article, you will read about online celebrity look alike generator. For this, I’m going to cover 6 free websites that detect your face with face recognization technology. To get an accurate result, it is recommended to add a clear face picture with the specified file size and format. After that, the site instantly finds a celebrity that looks similar to your face.

To check who is your celebrity twin, you will have to upload an image on these websites. The image can be uploaded from your computer or you can paste the image URL as well. After you add your image, the online celebrity look alike generator recognizes your face and brings a similar face of a famous personality.

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This is fun. Let’s find out what all websites are there to reveal your celebrity lookalike.

1. StarByFace

online celebrity look alike generator

StarByFace is an online celebrity look alike generator. As the site name suggests, it reveals a star by your face. In other words, you can find a celebrity twin just by uploading your photo.

When you visit the website, it shows a box in which you can upload the image. You can also add the image by URL. Make sure you are uploading your photo with a clear straight face. It becomes easy for face recognition and you get accurate results.

Once you upload the image, the site detects the face with all facial points. Then, you get the results below where you can find what all celebrities look like you. It shows the percentage of which actor looks most similar to your face. Also, you can check out the best celebrity pair with your face. Try this out and share your results on social media.

2. Celebs Like Me

online celebrity look alike generator

Celebs Like Me is another fun online platform to find celebrities like you. This online celebrity look alike generator works with a group photo as well.

Once you visit the website, it requires your photo to fetch you a result. You can drag and drop your photo in the box. Also, the site enables you to take a photo through webcam. You can share the image URL in order to upload the photo.

After your photo is uploaded, the site provides an instant result. It shows which celebrity looks like you with other similar faces. You can also try the visual search in which you can crop the face to get an accurate result.

3. Pictriev

online celebrity look alike generator

Pictriev is another online celebrity look alike generator. On this website, you can find your twin celebrity using face recognition. To make this magic happen, you will have to add your photo.

It would be working great if you insert your photo with a frontal face. The visibility and quality of the photo would be totally responsible for the better or poor result. You can upload your photo from your computer by URL as well. The image size should be less than 200 KB with JPG format.

Once you upload your photo, the site recognizes the face and tell you the gender and approx age based on your photo. Below that, you will see the result of all the look-alike celebrities.

4. Twinning.Popsugar

online celebrity look alike generator

Twinning.Popsugar is a free and simple website to know who is your celebrity twin. Along with the celebrity’s look-alikes, you may read the aura of your personality based on the photo you upload.

When you visit the website, it shows two options to add your photo. You can either take a quick photo with the help of a webcam or upload it from your local storage.

After that, you can hit the upload button and get an accurate result. This online celebrity look alike generator shows multiple results of celebrities. You can analyze who looks exactly like you and save the image.

5. Cinestaan

online celebrity look alike generator

Cinestaan is the website where you can specifically find celebrities belong to the Bollywood cinema. Just by uploading your photo, you can find the match of celebrity.

After visiting the website, you can add your photo. Your photo image should be 400×420 in size. The advanced face recognition technology instantly reveals your celebrity twin. You can save the image as well.

6. MagiQuiz

online celebrity look alike generator

MagiQuiz website works slightly different than others. You can easily know your celebrity twin without providing your photo. To find the best match for a celebrity, you will have to play a quiz.

The quiz has a collection of interesting questions. By answering them, the site gets an idea of what traits your personality has. On the basis of your likeness, you get the result of which celebrity do you look like. You can share the result on Twitter and Facebook as well.

In brief

The online celebrity look alike generator is a quite fun tool. You can simply add your image to find the best match for your twin celebrity. The face recognition technology helps to find a similar face of celebrities. You can also recommend it to your friends and know who looks like Popular celebs.

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