4 Free Websites To Create Brochures Online

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to create brochures online. You can create useful free brochures online and save some money for yourself.

If you run some business or are related to business field, you do not need me to tell you how important a Brochure is. Your brochure creates the first picture of how good you are, in the minds of your client. And it is a known fact that first impression has a considerable importance attached to it. So, a good brochure is a must. Another fact you will agree with is creating a brochure can be a big pain and idiotically expensive. It takes a lot of time and money. These websites can be an antidote for both these problems. The pre designed templates and other tools help you save a lot of time, and obviously, all of it is free.

The free websites reviewed in this article are Jukebox, brother, Browchure, and simplebooklet, 



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Jukebox is the first website in this list to create brochures online. A colorful website that lets you create some really nice and colorful brochures. You do not need to create any account before you start working on it. There are three different sizes and orientation (styles) to choose from. You can either create a tri-folding brochure, or a half-fold brochure, or a brochure with no folding. Then you move on to the next step that includes adding text, selecting fonts, colors, linings, and more. This way you can move ahead in steps and finalize your brochure. This brochure can be later downloaded as a PDF document.

There are two broad steps that you have to finish before you can download your brochure; Outside part, and inside part. You can edit the outside and inside parts of your brochure separately with all the helpful tools available.


create brochures online

brother is the next website in this list to create brochures online. This is a very helpful platform that makes the task of creating brochures very easy for you. There are pre designed templates for different business’s, and all you have to do is customize them according to your own needs. There are different categories and each category contains at least a couple of templates. Depending upon the field of your business, you have to choose a category that will include templates that can be customized. There are some general templates as well that can be used for personal purpose.

While you are customizing the chosen template, there are lots of things that can be done. You can upload photos, add photo frames, adjust brightness, rotate the text, and much more. Surely an interesting platform to try out.


create brochures online

Creating brochures online cannot be more easier anywhere else. Browchure is a free platform that helps you create brochures online with just one click. You just have to make sure that your content is ready before hand. The most tiring task is to create an account, that requires quite a lot of information. But once you are inside, the website does most of the work. Simple upload the PDF files that contain all the content, and allow the website to convert them all into one brochure. The pages are set in the same order as you upload the files. After the brochure is created, you can edit the color scheme, font etc. if you wish. There are some other tools as well like zoom, flip pages, that let you go through the entire brochure.

Browchure is a nice platform to create brochures online. Of course, you might miss out on some professional features, but the results are fairly decent. There are some example brochures as well that can be viewed. The brochures you create can be printed and saved in your account for a certain period of time.


create brochures online

simplebooklet is the fourth and last website in this list where you can create a brochure for yourself. This website has a really cool set of features that will help you create a very fine brochure for yourself. There are some great editing tools and templates to choose from. You can also create a custom URL for yourself that will be used for sharing your brochure online. The brochure can also be exported as a PDF file.

As you enter your account, yes you will need one, there will be a couple of options to choose from. You can either upload PDF files and let the website do rest of the work, or choose to create a brochure yourself. I chose the latter one. While creating a brochure, there are so many options like adding images, videos from web or computer, audio files, option to create collage, add various effects, and much more. The number of options available is simply amazing. Do give it a try for sure.

If you have been creating brochures online and have some additional information, do share it with us.

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