5 Free Pick up Lines Generator Websites

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In this post, I will talk some pick up lines generator websites that you can use. These websites have a huge collection of cheesy pick up lines for boys and girls that you can actually use as a conversation starter. In a click, you can generate a pickup line or generate one of a specific genre such as funny, witty, ethnic, bookish, sweet, religious, or even a little dirty.

All the websites mentioned in this post can generate a random pickup line for you. And the best part is that they are very fast as they don’t require any sign up or registration. These websites can be helpful if you’re new into online dating and you don’t know how to start. If you are struggling to break the ice on Omeagle or Tinder like apps, then use one of these websites.

Even though it is not really guaranteed that pickup line generated by these websites will work; it is actually fun to use them. One of these websites I have mentioned here even uses AI to generate conversation starters.

5 Free Pick up Lines Generator Websites

Pick Up Lines by Jokes4us

Pick Up Line Genetator Jokes4u

Pick Up Lines by Jokes4us probably has the largest collection of pick up lines that you can use. Technically, it is not a generator, but it has a long list of pick up lines of a different category. Here you can use this website to find funny, witty, religious, cute, creepy, and even pick up lines for Valentine’s Day. It has them all and you just find the one that appeals you more and just copy it to use it on social media or dating apps.

This website here doesn’t ask for anything in order to generate a pick up line for you. You only follow the link above and then you will land on one of the huge archives of pickup lines collected from various sources. Click on any category from the left side, and then it will list the corresponding pick up lines that you can copy and use wherever you like.

Pickup Line Generator by GeneratorFun

Generator Fun Pickup Line Generator

Pickup Line Generator by GeneratorFun is quite a unique website to generate pickup lines online. Here it generates a random pick up line but you can specify some parameters to filter out the results. If you wish to exclude some words from those generated lines, then you can do that. Additionally, you can specify how many random pickup lines you want to generate.

Many girls and boys have common names, so if you want to generate a pick up line for someone who has a common name then you this website will help you. Here it can add a name prefix for each pickup line that it generates. The generated pickup lines here can be saved as image in case you want to share them with someone.

Just go to the main website using the link above and then enter the parameters to get started. Specify the number of pickup lines you want to generate and other options such prefix. Next, you generate those lines and then save them. Option to export them as image can be found below when you scroll down on the page.

Pick Up Lines Generator by Unified Tools

Unified Tools Pick Up Line Generator

Unified Tools is a collection of useful online tools that you can use in your daily life. One of the generator tools in it is pick up lines generator. This is a straightforward tool to generate a cheesy or witty pick up line in a click. When you access this generator, it generates one line for you automatically, But if you don’t like that, then you can generate another one in a click.

Go to the main website from above and then use this pickup line generator. As I mentioned already that it generates one already but you can generate another by clicking on “Get Pickup Line” button.

Random Pick up Lines by GeneratorMix

Random Pick Up Lines Generator Mix

Random Pick up Lines by GeneratorMix is another free website you can use. As the name suggests, it generates a random pick line for you in a click. This website here has a different type of generator tools that you can use such QR code generator and among those tools lies a tool for girls and boys to generate pickup lines.

The tool is random so and it doesn’t ask any personal information to work. Just go to the main homepage and then simply enter a number to specify how many pickup lines you want it to generate. By default, it generates 3 pickup lines, but you can always generate more in a click. Mostly the pickup lines generated here are either funny or witty.



PickuplineGen is a free and simple website that you can use. It doesn’t have any category or anything like that to generate pickup lines, so it generates a random one. When you load this website, it shows you a randomly chosen pickup line, but you can use a button on the main homepage to generate another if you don’t like the one it shows you already.

Go to this website from above link and then on the main homepage, you will see one random pick up line generated for you. You can refresh it to have another, but that is up to you. Each line that it generates here has a different type, so I will say keep generating until you find one that you think will work for you.


If you don’t know any pick lines for starting a conversation, then you will find the websites mentioned here useful. Us them and never worry about coming up with a lame pick-up line. All the websites mentioned here work as intended and generate pretty good results, actually. So, go ahead and try them on your own and let me know what you think about these.

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