3 Free Instagram Desktop Clients for Windows 10

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Here are free Instagram desktop clients for Windows 10.

Those who want to access their Instagram photos from desktop on their Windows 10 PCs without using a web browser, I have created this list of free Instagram desktop clients. All these software serve this common purpose to view Instagram photos.

Apart from that, each of these Instagram desktop client come with unique features that you can explore on your Windows 10 PC. For example, you can see the list of followers and following (which is not possible using Instagram web app), bulk download videos and photos, copy title of a photo, and more.

Let’s start with the first Instagram desktop client for Windows 10 covered in this article.

Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram

Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram- interface

Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram is one of the best Instagram client for Windows 10 in this entire list. Although its main purpose is to download Instagram photos and videos, but you can also use it to check your Instagram feed, add and access Favorite Tags, view your likes, and popular pics. Apart from this, it also shows the list of your followers and following. You can also select a particular person from that list to explore his/her Instagram pics. After exploring the pics, you can download selected or all photos.

This software also shows photo preview (as thumbnails), description, total number of likes, and comments. You can also follow any person you haven’t followed yet, like a particular photo directly from its interface, and open any photo in default web browser.

Another great feature that you will like for sure is you can connect multiple Instagram accounts. All the connected accounts are neatly separated and visible in the left section. Using that section, you can access any account to explore feed, likes, your photos and videos, followers, and following.

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InstaTime- interface

InstaTime is also a good Instagram software for Windows 10. Do not be surprised if you find its interface exactly similar to Instagram’s web app. It looks like InstaTime is a clone of Instagram web app. You can do anything that you do when using Instagram web app. For example, you can change your profile picture, explore pics of a particular instagrammer, like and comment on an image, etc.

You will also be able to edit your profile, see your pics, and more. However, using this free Instagram desktop client for Windows 10 has same drawbacks that come when using Instagram web app. You can’t see the list of your followers and following, can’t delete pics, etc.

So, if you are in search for an Instagram desktop client that includes all features of Instagram web app, then InstaTime is a perfect software for you. Otherwise, Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram is surely a much better choice.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram- interface

Another useful Instagram desktop client for Windows 10 is 4K Stogram. This free version lets you explore Instagram photos of maximum two users simultaneously. You can remove users from its interface to search and explore pics of more users (one by one).

As soon as you enter a username and press Follow button, it starts showing pics of that user. Moreover, the pics are also downloaded automatically to default folder (or custom folder if you have set any). You can also right-click on a folder to copy image title, view it on Instagram, and share it on Twitter and Facebook. In case you want to access your private photos, you need to login using Preferences that can be accessed via Edit menu.

This software can’t help you view feed, like or comment on photos or check your followers and following. So, it’s true the software is not so advanced, but good when you have to access your Instagram pics on desktop without a browser.

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Note: I also wanted to include a popular Instagram client, named Pixsta (earlier known as Instagrille), but it failed to install. Perhaps, there’s problem on their server end, because of which installation failed whenever I tried.

The Verdict:

One thing is definitely clear that first software is the best Windows 10 Instagram desktop client in this entire list. I will surely recommend you guys to use this software. However, if you want something like Instagram web app, then InstaTime would be suitable for you. 4K Stogram also has its own importance. Still, I will go for Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram software.

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