4 Best Free Binary Search Tree Generator Websites

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Here are some best free Binary Search tree generator websites to generate a binary tree by inserting different values. These websites offer a simple interface that you can use for generating a tree in just a few seconds. And not only tree generation, but these websites can also help you with the tree traversal. You can use the options to find a particular tree node, traverse tree in post or pre-order, generate random binary tree, etc. And not only binary search tree, but using these websites you can even generate other type of trees as well. Apart from BST, you can generate, AVL tree, Heap tree. Min Heap, Max Heap trees easily.

Binary Search Tree is an important aspect of Data Structures and quite useful in many applications. If you are from computer engineering background, then you must be learning it. And for that these websites will be helpful. You just have to enter different values and these websites will construct the tree for you. However, some of these websites don’t validate the values. So, make sure you enter unique values in them.

4 Best Free Binary Search Tree Generator Websites

4 Free Binary Search Tree Generator Websites:

Binary Search Tree by Visual Algo

binry serach tree generator visual algo

Binary Search Tree by Visual Algo in my opinion is the best free website in this list to generate a BST easily. It generates the binary tree by adding animations to the insertion and deletion process. You can visualize the whole process of adding nodes and it will simulate that. The algorithm that it uses for tree generation is very precise and validates the input values before inserting them in the tree. It supports almost all properties of BSTs including insertion, deletion, search, inorder traversal, and predecessor-successor finder.

To generate a binary search tree using this website, just go to its homepage and the work area will open where it will show a random tree. You can start one from the scratch using the side bar from the bottom left. There are options to insert, delete, search, and traverse the tree. You can add a value and then push it in the tree. And it will insert the node in animated manner at the correct position. You can keep adding the values and then traverse the tree. However, you will not be able to export the tree.

BST Animation by Y. Daniel Liang

BST Animation by Y. Daniel Liang

BST Animation by Y. Daniel Liang is another free online binary search tree generator that you can use. It is a simple website to generate a binary tree. And unlike the website above, it doesn’t waste time in showing the animated insertion and deletion. You just simply insert values and it will keep building the binary tree for you.

This is a dedicated tool to generate binary tree and supports other BST properties too. Apart from insertion of nodes, you can use it to search and delete values and supports all three BST traversal methods; inorder, preorder, and postorder. The result of traversal and search or wrong input it shows in pop up of the browser. As you can see in the screenshot above.

It is extremely simple to generate a BST using this website. Just access its homepage and then on the website start building the binary search tree. Use the different controls given at the bottom of the site to add the values and it will keep building the binary search tree. On completion, you can use other BST operations like search and traversal.

Binary Search Tree

binary search tree free bst generator online

Binary Search Tree is another free website to generate BST easily. This binary tree generation tool lets you build a binary tree from the scratch and offers various other tree operations that you can do. Just like the Binary Search Tree by Visual Algo, it also uses animation to show you the insertion and deletion operations. Also, it allows you to step back to the previous operation and even pause or step forward the animation.

Generating binary search tree using this website is very simple. After getting to the homepage of the website, simply start creating the tree. Just insert values in the text field and then hit the “Insert” button. Use the same approach to construct the tree and once you are done, simply print the tree. It will start traversing the tree and will show the traversal output.

Binary Tree Visualizer

binary search tree visualizer generate bst

Binary Tree Visualizer is yet another free tool to generate binary search tree. Just like the websites above, you can easily generate a BST here and also simulate other binary search tree properties. The binary search tree that it shows is animated and you can traverse it using all the three traversal methods. And not only this, but you can even delete any node from a constructed tree without disturbing the other branches and nodes. Also, there are options in the website to get the successor or the preceder of a specific node. Apart from manual creation of the tree, you can also opt to generate a random tree by specifying the desired integer range.

Just like the websites I have listed above, this works in the similar way. After opening it in your browser, you can start generating the binary tree you desire. You just have to insert the node values and it will keep pushing them to build a tree. After building a tree, you can opt to delete some nodes you want and traverse the tree. Options to traverse the tree in postorder, preorder, and inorder are given on the left tool box. Just hit them and it will start traversing the tree for you.

Final Words

These are the best free binary search tree generator websites that I have listed. Using all of these, you can generate a binary tree and also visualize it. These websites allow you to do various tree operations and you can perform them without disturbing the current structure. So, if you are looking for free binary search tree generators, then this list will come in handy. These websites will help you visualize how BSTs work by simulating the insertion and deletion of the data. Personally, I really like Binary Search Tree by Visual AlgoBST Animation by Y. Daniel Liang, and Binary Tree Visualizer.

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