Best 5 Free Music Player for Mac

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Here are 5 free music player for Mac. Each one of them has some specialty or feature that is specific to them. Some of these music players for Mac are amazingly simple, while other’s have amazing set of features. So download them and try them out, see which one suits you the best. Go ahead enjoy and interact with your media in a new manner.


SongBird for mac
SongBird is one of the best music player available for Mac. The application is packed with features that allow you to enjoy your media in a cool and intuitive interface. There are lots of extensions and plugins that are available for this app that add even more exciting features and function to this application. The web part of the application is handled by the Firefox engine which is used to load up pages and show information. The interface of this application is similar to iTunes so it make it easy to use for a beginner.  It gives you detailed information about artists, shows photo gallery, and also show videos from YouTube related to the artist or band that you are using. I would recommend this application for all the serious music lovers. To read the complete review of this application click here and to download click here.


Clementine for mac

Clemetine is a simple and fast music player for Mac. This free app is a fully featured software with media library organizer. The application is based on the famous Amarok player which is a popular music player for the Linux. If you feel iTunes is bloated with features and you would like to use a lightweight music player then this is one of the best solution for you. The application has features like displaying song info and artist info which it automatically gets from the Internet. This free music player for Mac also provides you with the ability to play music from online services like Grooveshark,, Spotify,, etc. This cross-platform music player is one of the simplest music player that I have come across. If simplicity is your thing then you might end up liking this free music player for Mac. To know more about Clementine read this review, to download this application click here.


Update 2022: This macOS software no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Vox for mac

Vox is a no  hassles  music player for Mac. It supports most of the common music formats. If you would like to use a simple and fast application to play audio on your Mac then Vox might just be the solution for you. This music player might be simple but like most of the Mac applications it looks darn amazing. This elegant music player for Mac is for those who don’t care about advanced features and just would like to play their music directly from the folder. The app only provides you with basic playlist management.  If you are interested in a simple, straightforward, and fast music player then download this free music player. To read the complete review of the application click here. If you just want download it click here.


banshee for mac

Banshee is an open source music player that is really popular on all platforms, especially Linux. This application has become default music player for quite a bit of famous Linux distributions. This free music player for Mac also has the ability to handle podcast, Internet radio, and video playback. This application has the ability to stream music from This application supports lots of extension that enhance it in many way. To access this feature just open up preferences and click on the extensions tab. One thing that I liked about this application is that it has a feature Internet Archive, this part of the application consists of a huge list of free Movies, Lectures, Books, AudioBooks, concerts etc. In short, the application has a huge list of features and is a must try software. To download this free application click here.


Winamp for mac

This music player for Mac is work in progress and it does not offer you a set of impressive features like Winamp on Windows. If you would like to have a really simple and easy to use music player then is a good solution for you. Also this app lets you wirelessly sync your music with an android device. This is a good solution if you want to sync your iTunes library with your android device. To do so just import the music from iTunes into Winamp and then sync with the Android device. Here is a guide that explains in detail about Winamp for Mac. To download this free music player click here.

These are some of the best free music players for Mac, if iTunes is not your thing. Personally, I don’t prefer iTunes too much because of its huge size and these music players for Mac give me a good alternative. If you have any other favored choice, do let me know in comments.

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