Watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Outside U.S. with Media Hint Browser Plugin

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Since I moved to India, one of my biggest gripe has been not able to use online video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. We kept finding many ways in the past to watch Netflix and Hulu outside U.S. in countries like India, but either some of them failed at some point or just started limiting access. So, today, when I read about Media Hint browser plugin that lets you use Netflix, Hulu, Pandora outside U.S., I wasn’t too optimistic. But, boy, when I tried it, my wife was surprised by the big grin I had on my face. I told her I am watching SNL on Hulu and she also got the same grin.

Media Hint is a completely free software that lets you watch Netflix, Hulu outside U.S. and listen to Pandora. This is installed as a plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, it does something magical so that you can browse Netflix, Hulu, Pandora as if you are sitting in U.S. These websites would start giving you same respect that they give to someone browsing from U.S., and you would be able to enjoy the fantastic video and audio streaming from these great services, no matter which country you are in.

Media Hint

That’s me watching SNL in India on Hulu. So cool!

How to Watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Outside U.S:

Here are the series of steps that you need to follow to watch Netflix, Hulu in your country. The sequence of steps are quite long, so follow patiently.

Step 1: Install plugin for Google Chrome or Firefox depending on the browser you are using (you can install on both as well).

Step 2: This step is most important. Now that you have plugin installed, navigate to any of these sites: Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora. The sites will work for you. Watch videos or play audio; whatever the heck you want to do.. go crazy.

That is it. Yea, that is it. Nothing else to do. Browser plugins of Media Hint automatically jumps to action as soon as you navigate to one of these sites and unlock them for you. You don’t need to do anything. No need to change proxy or anything else. Just enjoy the video.

I tried searching on Media Hint website that how it works, but it does not have anything mentioned. But Amit in his post dug through the code and saw that whenever you navigate to one of these 3 sites, Media Hint automatically changes the proxy. For other sites, it uses your normal proxy. Makes lot of sense.

At the moment, Media Hint is the best solution I have come across to watch Hulu, Netflix, and listen to Pandora. I am not sure how long will it last, but I am going it to the best till it lasts. There are just too many series I have to watch. First let me finish the SNL; Anne Hathaway is doing a nice short.

If you are also outside of U.S. and want to savior these fantastic web properties, try out Media Hint. I have no clue about legality of this service, so use at your own risk (I had to add this disclaimer :) )

Download Media Hint for Google Chrome here and Firefox here.

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