Sundial: Browser to Navigate Non-Common TLDs

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Sundial is a free Internet browser. It has been developed on original source code of Mozilla Firefox’s browser. This is developed by UnifiedRoot which lets you create new top level domain name extension. So, instead of regular “.com”, “.org” extensions, your business can create an extension “.honey” if you are in a honey business. This helps in easier brand identification. However, problem with this is that these are not registered by ICANN, so a normal browser would not be able to navigate to these domain names (try dlife.diabetes) in your browser).

So, UnifiedRoot went ahead, and created its own special browser that can navigate to ICANN registered TLDs (top level domains), as well as those registered by UnifiedRoot. If you are not interested in navigating to those special TLDs created by Unified Root, then you don’t need to download Sundial Browser, and you can keep continuing existing browser. For those of you who are interested in exploring these special domain names, go ahead and read the remaining review, and download Sundial browser if it interests you (download link is at the end).

As Sundial Browser supports both ICANN as well as UnifiedRoot TLDs, it expands limits of your websites and making it the first browser of its genre that supports Top-Level Domains from ICANN, IANA and Unifiedroot. Sundial is a internet browser developed with advanced domain name technology that helps you in navigating through the internet and makes your surfing experience quick and easy.

The Sundial web browser was developed originally on Mozilla Firefox code. And it looks same as Firefox

Sundial Browser

It was expanded to give users an experience to navigate through all the horizons of the Internet world and surf through sites and pages which have top level domains other than .com. The browser is fast and smart enough to allow you to surf through TLDs associated with websites using domain name extensions such as (.com , .net , .eu, etc.) as well as new domains such as “.unifiedroot” and others currently coming on-stream.

This cross platform web browser is free to download and very safe to use. The web browser is well conversant with MAC, Windows and Linux environments and uninstalling the application is also safe and efficient. The web browser was developed to support TLDs and IDNs on the Unified Network and it works seamlessly to keep the connection between both the networks.

The Sundial web browser is very light weight and easy to download. The application suite is just as small as 7.4 MB for Windows users. When you have downloaded the web browser in your system, you can still use your Internet Explorer and/ or Mozilla Firefox if you want. Moreover, you can also use all the add-ons and plug-ins in the Sundial browser. However, it should be kept in mind that if any plug-in which is not meant for being used with Unifiedroot TLDs on the task they perform, they might not work.

You can also continue to use your Windows bookmarks with this free to download web browser. The new version of Sundial in your system will get automatic updates from the Internet. You can also read our article on other free browsers.

The Sundial web browser is available in many scripting languages as it supports the use of new Internet addresses in other language scripts such as Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hindi, etc. This feature will help users worldwide to enable them to navigate through sites and pages scripted in their languages and all the people around the globe will be able to surf through the Internet for communities, countries, and regions all around the world that use non-Latin characters.

Overall Sundial is a good and safe web browser. Easy to use. Free of cost. Sundial does not only make your surfing fun but also makes the Internet’s address book bigger and friendlier too.

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