3D Home Design Software To Create And Design Your Home

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DreamPlan Home Design Software is a completely free software that allows you to create 3d home designs and decorate them using different tools. You can build both interior, and exterior of your home and also alter the terrain of your surroundings. The software provides some great and easy to use features. It is also very lightweight (less than 4MB) and hardly takes any time to download and install. The good thing about this software is that you can save your projects and access them some other time.

This home design software can be best used by you to create a digital model for your new home. You can use this software to create a model for your own house, exactly the way you want your home to look like. Apart from that, this software can also be used for professional purpose.

DreamPlan Home Design Software-home design software-interface

The link to download this software has been given at the end of the article.

How To Use This Home Design Software?

The website provides a large space on its interface to design your new house. You can start by building walls for your house. The first tab given on top allows you to do this. There are two wall view modes that you can use according to your preference. After you create the walls you can add windows, doors, floors, roof, and paint your house. There are scores of colors and wall designs for you to choose from. All this has to be done using your mouse and some hotkeys. The instructions on how to create a wall or which hotkey to use are given on the interface itself.

DreamPlan Home Design Software-home design software-create buliding

After you have created the building you can add exterior elements like plants, create a path, add swings and much more. Similarly you can also add interior to your house like furniture, electronic appliances, plumbing etc. All this is done in the same manner using the same hotkeys and mouse.

While you are adding the interior elements in your house, the software provides you an option to have a complete look inside your house. You can remove the roof of your house and place the furniture and other things where you want. Afterwards, you can again place the roof back on the structure and save your project when its done.

DreamPlan Home Design Software-home design software-add furniture

There are two noticeable features you get to use in this home design software. First, since it is a 3d software you can rotate and view your house from different angles. The software provides a camera on the interface and you can direct it in any direction you want, just by clicking. The second feature is that you can even alter the terrain nearby your house. A clear green field in shown on the interface that covers your house from all the direction. You can raise, lower or level the terrain of your surroundings simply by your mouse. This helps in giving a beautiful all-round view.

Key Features

  • Create 3D house design
  • Add exterior and interior to your house
  • Alter the landscape of your surroundings
  • Rotate your camera and view house from different angles
  • Loads of colors and designs to choose from
  • Two wall view modes
  • Add/remove roof
  • Easy to use

Final Verdict

DreamPlan Home Design Software is a nice and very simple to use software. All the features available in it are extremely straightforward and simple.

Check it out here!

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