Windows 8 Hangman Game That Teaches New Words

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Hangman Deluxe Premium is a free Windows 8 Hangman Game app. In this game, you have to complete words based on hints provided to you. If you make a mistake, the hangman would eventually die, but if you make correct words, you will move on to next level.

So, this is an educational and interesting game that allows you to play and enrich your Knowledge-base at the same time. The Game is freely available at the Games category of the Windows Store.

Your aim here is to save the Hangman. Challenge yourself and others by solving words from a huge database of 10,000 words. Choose from English, French and Spanish Language. Each time you make a wrong guess you will take Hangman closer to death.

Hangman Deluxe Premium- Main Screen

A number of powers are available for you in this Windows 8 Hangman Game. In order to use these powers, you have to pay with Ludos. 100 Ludos are given to you in beginning of the game (see top right corner of above screenshot). As you keep buying powers, you lose your Ludo Count.

From the available powers, we have option to Get an Extra Turn, Remove any wrong alphabet from the given options, show a random letter of the Word, get a hint for the Word.

In order to gain more Ludo Counts, either solve the word with least number of mistakes or use the powers available to you minimally.

Play and Learn in this Windows 8  Hangman Game

When you reach the main screen of this Windows 8 Hangman Game, you will have the option to select a language. Available languages are English, Spanish, and French.

Now, as you click on the icon in which the hangman’s picture appears, then a door kind of icon will appear, clicking on which will show you the available levels. There are 8 levels available here to choose from. Each level has a different theme.

As you get to the Game play in this Windows 8 Hangman Game, the powers will be displayed along with the hint for the word that you have to complete.

Hangman Deluxe Premium- Available Powers

Use the lock that appears on the area to enable or disable prompting before using of powers. If you enable the Lock, then every time you click on any power, you would be prompted that how many Ludo counts would you lose to use it. Unlocking it would disable this prompting.

Hangman Deluxe Premium- Game area

Now, you can start playing this Windows 8 Hangman Game. Only  level 1 is unlocked by default. For the first and second chance in the level 1, hints will appear for free, but after that you have to click on Bulb icon in order to get the hints and you will need to lose some Ludos for that.

If you complete the goal that is specified, then you can unlock the next level.

Hangman Deluxe Premium- Unlock new levels

Your highest score, while playing, would be saved by this Windows 8 Hangman Game for that level and this score will be displayed the next time you try that level.

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Key Features of this Windows 8 Hangman Game

  • Ease of playing: A number of powers can be used to play the game.
  • Choose from 8 levels: You can choose from 8 levels. Each level has different theme. From the available themes are Stewardess, Far West, Businessman, Pirate, Halloween and others.
  • Choose from 3 languages: Choose from English, Spanish and French.
  • Free availability.
  • Nice Graphics Quality: The graphics used in this Windows 8 Hangman Game are quite nice.
  • Enrich your knowledge base by solving from a pool of 10,000 words.
  • Enjoy playing this hangman game and have fun while learning.

My Final Say

This is quite a good and engaging Hangman Game. Its feature to choose from 3 languages to play it is worth mentioning and therefore I would recommend getting  it.

Get Hangman Deluxe Premium here.

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Works With: Windows 8
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