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Figure This!  is a free Maths website that presents you with some interesting maths questions that you have to solve. It is not a maths learning website, as it does not tries to teach you any particular topic, but instead a general math refresher website that asks you practical maths questions that you need to solve. The questions are actually really fun and thought provoking.

The basic flow of this website is:

  1. You start by choosing a question that you want to answer. There are around 80 questions.
  2. You will be shown a question. If you need some help, there is an option to see hint as well.
  3. Once you think you know the answer, click on the “Answer” option on the website to see actual answer to that question and compare with the answer that you had thought. The website shows answer alongwith detailed explanation. What I liked in explanation is that it shows practical manner to solve that question.
  4. Once you have finished a question, you can explore more similar questions by clicking on “Try These”. Also, you can read some fun facts about the question by clicking on “Did you Know?”

So, essentially, you start by trying to answer a seemingly simple question (which you would soon realize that is not so simple), and then learn more about the same topic by answering similar questions and reading some fun facts about the topic.

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How To Learn Maths with This Math Website?

The website allows you to choose from a long list of challenges and asks you questions related to it. You can click on the challenge index tab to go through the list of challenges provided by the app. Once you select a challenge, you can solve it manually and use provided hints, if needed. The website provides you the answer with a complete explanation. The only missing link in this whole exercise is that there is no space to type the answer generated by you. You just have to match your answer with the correct answer already available on the website.

Figure This-math website-challenge index

Once you select the challenge, you can see some similar questions related to that challenge that can be answered. These questions can be seen by clicking on the Try This button on top.

The good thing about this website is that all these challenges are also available in PDF format and can be downloaded by the users for free. The answers can also be downloaded along with the challenges.

Additional Features:

This website is not simply about taking up challenges and answering them. It contains additional features to attract and hold the attention of its users. This math website enables you to cash in on some great facts related to mathematics. The Did You know? section of the website provides you with nice facts every time you click on it. These facts are related to the challenges offered by the website and are categorized accordingly. Apart from this, Teacher corner and Family corner are also options worth looking at as they enhance the knowledge regarding this app.

Figure This-math website-fun facts

Final Verdict

Looking at the quality of  challenges provided, it can well be said that its a nice platform for users. The basic motto of this website, like some other free math learning websites, is to provide a different platform where children can get away from the usual ways and try something new.

We have reviewed a lot of free math games as well that can be used for the same purpose.

Try Figure This! here!

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