Hooeey Webprint: Save WebPages Offline and Browse Offline

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Hooeey Webprint is a free desktop application that captures screen shot of the web pages visited by you in real time and maintains your web pages library for you and you can use this library for many purposes. If you are a professional in a field that requires constant data, info, and updates, then you must use this application for your system, as this application will store all the web site visiting history for you for long time.

The application Hooeey Webprint is free to download and you can use the application without a sign up or logging in. The application is designed especially for professionals like Researchers, Business professionals, Bloggers, College students and other Work groups. Professionals who work with a lot of data and require data and past info on a regular basis, are best suited to use this application. As it captures every web page visited by you in real time and it saves the data in your system where you can store, maintain, and archive the data.

Hooeey Webprint

The Hooeey Webprint application will help you to manage your online web page data easily and completely through a useful retrieval tool. The application will manage your browsing library and you will be able to find relevant browsing history with this freeware quickly without wasting any time. You can easily store, search, tag, and share web pages that you have visited. Even if you delete or erase your browsing history, you will not lose these web pages.

We often use bookmark system in our browser, which are of course effective and widely used by many users. But it is very difficult to hunt for content that has been lost from your book mark due to a update in the web site or in the web browser. Hooeey Webprint is also considered as a bookmarking application by people. However, it is not true! You can also read our article on free screen capture software.

Hooeey Webprint is not a book marking application. It does not save the URL in the database but it uniquely captures the screen shot of the web page visited by you. If you save a URL instead it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to retrieve the same data in the future. However, Hooeey Webprint encapsulates the screen shot of the web page, thus your data is saved as an image the way you saw it and used for your work. This gives you surety of using the data and info for your work and later on, you can use it for further reference. If you would like to manage your bookmarks online for free you can read SpeedTile.

Your just have to download and install Hooeey Webprint. Then restart the browser and locate Hooeey Webprint icon in the browser toolbar and click on it to open up Hooeey Webprint window which shows number of pages, size of pages and start date of Hooeey Webprint library. Clicking on the drop-down arrow allows the user to enable/disable recording.

Some of the features that free edition of Hooeey Webprint offers:

  • It captures screen shot of the web page in real time
  • Search, Tag, Share and Export your browsed web pages
  • All your data and info are available offline
  • Multiple search methods
  • Multiple privacy controls
  • Portability to other cloud services
  • Adobe AIR 2 app works on Windows, Mac OS & Linux
  • And IE & Firefox compatible

Hooeey Webprint application is really effective to save data from web pages in form of a image or screen-shot. So that you do not lose your research data just because the bookmark you saved was lost due to a browser update or due to the website update.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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