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wReplace is a unique free text editor that lets you replace multiple text phrases at once. wReplace comes with enhanced text editing features. It is a ‘find and replace’ tool that can find and replace characters, phrases etc., all at the same time. It is a good free replacement for notepad.

How to use wReplace:

The ‘replace many’ feature of wReplace is fairly simple to use. Once you load the text file click on the ‘replace many’ button. A shortcut key – F6, is also available for the same. A new window with the title – ‘What to replace’, will pop up. You need to now write the replacements rules in the menu. When done with all the rules click on ‘replace all’ and it will implement your rule set on the text. User has the option of saving these rule sets for possible future use. If you want to replace text in multiple files, you can try Text Crawler.

Features of wReplace:

wReplace comes with a lot of inbuilt functionalities. For eg. the Diacritic to ASCII  option available in wReplace helps changing/replacing national characters or diacritic characters into ASCII characters.

Similarly, Character conversion, Transliteration, Cyrillization, Transcription, Romanization, Morse code conversion, Simple substitution cipher (not just encryption but decryption of text can also be done  if the substitution rules are known) etc. are other such useful features offered by wReplace to its users. All major operating systems – Win2000, XP and Vista, support wReplace program.

The only shortcoming of wReplace is that you have to manually enter text for replacement and cannot copy paste the same directly from the text file. But data from an excel spreadsheet can be copy pasted directly onto the replacement list of wReplace.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
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