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Genius Loci is a free astrology software for people interested in scientific astrology, as it offers a great opportunity to better understand the hidden context of Celestial Mechanics. Genius Loci shows the Azimuth and Altitude traditionally called as mathematical and refracted values along with the Tropical Longitudes of Planets of our solar system. As the planets are considered to be present in the Troposphere or in other words in the horizontal coordinate system makes an important way for the celestial phenomenon. And many people are greatly interested in theses celestial phenomenon and learn to calculate the various mechanics of Celestial between the 1000 AD and 3000 AD. Genius Loci can calculate the different time frames with geo coordinates which are easily adjustable.

Overview of Genius Loci and its Working:

The UI of Genius Loci is so attractively designed that it automatically grasps your attention. The Main screen of Genius Loci looks like this:

geniusloci free astrology software

As you can see, the colors and textures used are so eye-catching. Every parameter is so well shown in terms of clarity as well as the positioning of the figures. Now let’s discuss the features:



Azimuth or mathematical calculation of longitude and latitudes is shown in this area. You can easily change the Longitude and latitude. The up/down cursors help you to do so.

Tropical Longitude:


In this you can change the latitude and save it. Then the saved Latitude will be used for the further calculation of the parameters. In accordance with the saved latitude the London and Latin latitudes will be varied and saved accordingly.



Here you can set the altitude. You can select the year, hours, minutes, and seconds. A maximizing window is also provide to have a sharp look at the graph drawn.

Download and Installation of this Free Astrology Software:

Genius Loci is free to download and use. You can download this free astrology software from here. Just download the application and install it just like any other application, by simply following the instructions on the setup wizard.

Final Verdict:

Genius loci can prove to be of great help for those who are interested in the celestial activities and want to understand the planets phenomenon. It is very easy o use and provides a very clear picture of the latitudes and altitudes, and calculates the parameters on the basis of these two. You may also try some free websites to learn astrology.

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